Assignments in Blackboard

By creating Assignments in Blackboard, you can distribute coursework and directly manage the grades for each student individually. Assignments can be created in any content area, and when you create an assignment, a Grade Center column is automatically generated. From the Grade Center you can see who has submitted their work and start grading.

 How to Create an Assignment

  1. Navigate to the content area where you want students to access the assignment
  2. Roll your mouse over Assessments on the action bar and a drop down menu will appear; select Assignment. (see image below)

    Blackboard - Assignments

    1. On the Create Assignment page, enter name, instructions and/or upload any supporting documentation if needed.
    2. Select Due Date (optional)
    3. Under GRADING, you must enter a numeric value for Points Possible. Additionally, here is where you can tailor submission details, grading options, and display of grades. If you are new to creating assignments, I would suggest to leave these on their default settings. To learn more about these settings, see Blackboard’s Assignment Grade Settings
    4. Check Make the Assignment Available and feel free to limit the dates for “display after” and “until” to enable time restriction.
    5. Click submit.
      For more detailed instruction, visit Blackboard’s help page on Assignments

    How to Grade an Assignment

    1. Navigate to the Grade Center
    2. When you create an assignment, a column is added automatically in the Grade Center and named accordingly. Any assignment that has been submitted but not yet graded will be represented by an exclamation mark.
    3. Hover your mouse over the individual submission and a chevron arrow will appear; click on that and select the first option View Grade Details
    4. Next, select View Attempts and this will bring you to the submitted assignment. You can either grade it online, using the Inline Grading Blackboard application (click here to learn more about Inline Grading) or click the download arrow next to the name of the assignment under SUBMISSION to download the assignment to your desktop.
    5. You can then either enter the grade under Assignment Details > Attempt box, directly to the right of the assignment displayed, or directly in the Grade Center
      For more detailed instructions, visit Blackboard’s help page on grading assignments, visit Blackboard’s help page on grading

      Click here to down a pdf of the above instructions

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