D2L Brightspace Implementation

Migration of courses from Blackboard to Brightspace

MMC is switching from Blackboard to D2L’s Brightspace to provide faculty and students with a more user-friendly environment. The decision to change MMC’s Learning Management System (LMS) stemmed from a three-month study of learning platforms by the President’s Academic Technology Taskforce, comprised of faculty, staff and students. Brightspace’s advantages identified by the taskforce include internal integration of media, such as YouTube and PowerPoint for easier and faster access; an intuitive whiteboard functionality; a straightforward video/recording feature for lectures, testing and feedback; and visual metrics that allow students to track their progress. 

The move to Brightspace will begin in Fall 2021 when faculty will have the option to teach one or all of their courses on the new LMS. By Spring 2022, our Blackboard contract will expire, and all courses will run on Brightspace. As part of our contract with D2L, the company will migrant your current courses to Brightspace. Testing indicates that the courses require only minor changes after migration.

No personally identifying student information, grades or other materials will be exported from Blackboard. Only course content will be exported. Those who need assistance exporting student data, should email

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