Glossary of Brightspace

Below is a glossary of terms used by Blackboard that are equivalent to the Brightspace experience. 

Blackboard Tool  Brightspace Equivalent  Description/Function
Personal Information

Profile & Notifications


Create an online profile with personal information such as name, tagline, and profile photo. Edit notification preferences to control how you receive information about course activity
Blackboard Homepage Brightspace Homepage A course landing page that contains course activity updates, announcements, calendar, and Table of Contents displayed to students.
Marking Courses Available/Unavailable  Course Offering Information  Course site administration tool for controlling whether your course is “Live” or “Hidden”
Announcements  Announcements A tool to post time-sensitive information critical to course success. 
Calendar Calendar Display class due dates, appointments, etc.  
Users/Roster Classlist 
Lists users enrolled in a course
Email Email Email all users of a course
Content Content Upload and organize documents, pdfs, and links to URLs of audio or visual material to display.
Assignments Assignments Create assignments online.
Tests and Surveys  Quizzes Create and administer online exams
Grade Center  Grades Create and grade tests, assignments, and any other assessment 
Discussion Boards Discussions Engage with your students via an online forum.
Blogs Not Available in Brightspace There is no Blog feature on Brightspace. The Discussions tools can be used instead.
Groups Groups Divide your students into collaborative groups. 
Not Available in Bb Chat Synchronous chat feature for online discussions for students and faculty. 
Attendance  Attendance  Manually enter attendance for your students
Performance Dashboard Class Progress Track the progress of each student in a class.