Brightspace FAQs

When can I start teaching using Brightspace?

A “soft launch” of the platform is scheduled to take place in the Summer of 2021. Professors will then have the opportunity to use Brightspace as their LMS.

In addition, by the Fall of 2021, the Brightspace platform will be available to instructors to support their courses. Faculty will then have the option to use Brightspace or Blackboard— or both if they wish. MMC will be supporting both LMS for Fall 2021. By January 2022, all MMC courses will be using Brightspace as the LMS.

Is training available for faculty to learn about Brightspace?

Starting in May 2021, a series of asynchronous workshops and open labs will be available for faculty and staff that will allow you to learn at your own time and pace.

The timeline shows that D2L Brightspace won’t be in use until Summer 2021. Do I need to do anything now?

Yes! The goal is to have faculty become familiar with Brightspace during the 2021 Spring semester when they’ll be able to begin building content and moving content from Blackboard Learn. Faculty are encouraged to move courses during the spring semester to avoid an expected backlog in August. We are currently scheduled to have access to Brightspace available to all faculty by April 2021.

How can I access the new learning management system (LMS), Brightspace?

The Brightspace system is now live. Instructors can access the new LMS by going to and entering your MMC username and password. Students will be notified by email if the instructor will be using Brightspace for their course.

What will happen to my current Blackboard Learn course?

All your courses going back to Spring 2020 will be migrated for you into Brightspace.

No personally identifying student information, grades or other materials will be exported from Blackboard. Only course content will be exported.

I had a 3rd party tool integrated into my Blackboard Learn course. Will it be available in Brightspace?

Efforts are being made to prioritize and integrate third-party tools into Brightspace. Please contact to learn which third-party tools will be supported.