Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • Where is the library?

    The Library is located on the second and third floor of the Nugent Building. 

  • What time can I return media equipment?

    Media equipment can be returned Monday through Friday,10AM-7PM. This excludes keys, headphones, and DVDs; which are returned separately.     

  • How do I use Jstor ?

    To start using JSTOR, go to Marymount Manhattan’s website > Quick Links > Library, and then look on the right for the button that says databases. Click on it, and up comes an alphabetical list of databases. If you’re off campus, outside MMC’s security bubble, you may have to enter your screen name (just the name part, not the @mmc part) and password before you can see the databases.

    JSTOR focuses on keyword searches. You’d begin your search by typing in the keywords. JSTOR has one search box (advanced search gives you more options)  so you may want to put only short phrases in the box. For example, if you look for birthright citizenship, which is the concept that you’re a citizen of the place where you’re born, you may also try the phrase jus sangue, which is Latin for the same idea. 

    JSTOR defaults to giving you only scholarly articles and only articles for which it has full text available. 

  • How do I find a play?

    MMC uses the Library of Congress catalog system. The Library of Congress combines letters and numbers to create a code. The code for Litterature starts with the letter “P”. Then comes a letter for language group; for example, Greek plays are “PA”. Then comes numbers that usually indicate a time period; Contemporary American literature is “PS” 3600 and up. Then comes more letters B and numbers for specific authors in that time period, so playwrights are mixed in with poets and novelists. MMC has literally thousands of books on its literature shelves, so it’s best to check the catalog.      


    To find plays search the library catalog (Mamacat).  The page is located here at this address


    If the play is in book form you can search by the following:

    Title: Topdog/Underdog 

    Author: Parks, Suzan-Lori


    image of the catalog image of top dog

  • What are the Jade Room Policies?

    The Jade Room is reserved for students that are currently enrolled in a course that requires them to use the editing software. Students are not permitted to use the Jade room without an instructors permission due to limited space. 

  • Can I print and photocopy at the library?

    Yes, students can print materials and make copies at the library. The library has two dedicated photocopiers and two dedicated printers.  

    Printing at the library can be done via the local option from any of the library machines or by using the online printing option. The online printing option is located on the quick links menu. It requires users to log in with their network ID and password. 

    Photocopying does not require a login. However, students should observe all copyright laws and can see a reference librarian for questions about copyright and fair use.

  • Can I checkout a laptop?

    Yes, the library has laptops available for checkout from the circulation desk on a first come, first served basis.  We have Apple/MacBooks and PCs.  Students can use them only for the day and are required to return them before the library closes. In addition, students must sign a form that requires them to accept financial responsibility for the device being lost, stolen, or damaged.  The borrower of the laptop must present a valid MMC ID and must not leave campus with the device.  Laptops are intended primarily for short-term use and any circumstances that require a student to leave campus must be approved by the library director.  

  • Can I get Blackboard help in the library?

    Yes, the library provides support to both students and instructors.  Students can call 212-774-4800 or send an email. Faculty can request support and training by contacting .

  • Where can I get help with citations ?

    The library has several places where students can find help in creating correct citations. The first option is located on the database list. Students can choose Noodle Tools full or Noodle express. Students can also make an appointment with a reference librarian for further assistance. In addition, students can visit the Purdue Owl Website or the Trinity College website for help.

  • Where are the archives?

    The archives are located on the second floor of the library ( third floor of the Nugent building). An appointment can be made with the college Archivist Mary Brown by emailing her at or calling her at 212-774-4817.  The archives are available for both student researchers and researchers from outside of the college. Please make arrangements prior to your visit. 

  • How do I access the databases from off-campus?

    When you are not on the Marymount Manhattan College campus, you can still log into the databases. First, you must visit the library website and select the database you wish to use. Next, you will be prompted to sign via the off-campus login and you will be prompted for your MMC username and password.  You do not have to put For further help please use this link:

  • How do I renew a book or other item checked out from the library?

    An item can be renewed for additional time the past original check-out date unless another borrower has requested them, an instructor needs them for reserves, or your borrowing privileges are suspended. Two ways to complete the renewal process you can visit the circulation desk and present your MMC ID and have a work-study student extend the time or you can make an online account and perform the action via self-service.  Books can be renewed for 4 weeks, DVDs 3 days, Reserve books for 2 hours at a time, and Inter-LIbrary Loans must be discussed with a librarian.  Please note Laptops both Dell and Apple are not renewable. All media equipment must be returned to the media center on the due date unless prior arrangements have been made.  

  • What is the difference between JSTOR and Ebsco?

    The big difference between JSTOR and Ebsco is that JSTOR works almost entirely by keyword. The only way to narrow the search is to add another keyword. For Ebsco, look on the left for Subject. You’ll actually find it defined different ways, and you can use any of them, but what all of them mean is that when the operator entered the data into the Ebsco program, that operator tagged certain words so that Ebsco searches synonyms.   

  • How do I find scholarly data? (Google Scholar)

    One way to start scholarly information flowing is to use Google Scholar (  Please select Marymount Manhattan College as your library via the settings tab when off campus. 

    When using Google Scholar, there are two radio buttons beneath the logo. One says “Articles” and the other says “Case law.” Make sure the radio buttons you want are black. 

    Please be attentive to the keywords that you use. You may want to run the search with different synonyms.  

    This helps to control your Google Scholar tidal wave so you do not have to eyeball every citation If you look on the left of the screen you will see Google Scholar has given you some choices as to whether you want things from this year, or the past two or three years. You may also customize the date range.

  • How do I find an article that is scholarly/peer-reviewed ?

    To find scholarly/peer-reviewed articles in a library database first go to the MMC library homepage. Next click on the database list. Select a database by title or subject. Using the option, select Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly Journal. Type your keywords in the search box In the results list, look for a PDF or full-text links to the article title then click on the link to access the full article if available (if not available please see a librarian or complete Inter-library loan form). If the article is not attached to the citation, use the Journals A-Z  to see if it’s in another database, and the use the catalog to see the has it as hardcopy.  

  • How can I find a book on reserve?

    To find a reserve item, search here: An item can be located by using an instructor’s last name, course name, or title of the book being used.   

  • Can I work at the library?

    Yes, to inquire about job availability, please email Jon Arevalo at The library hires students for both the media center and the circulation desk.  

  • Do I need my MMC ID to borrow materials?

    Yes, the library requires that every student present a current MMC ID to check out items. Using your MMC ID card is the only way to guarantee that we are accessing the correct record. In addition, signing a waiver form for the laptop checkout is required. 

  • Can I scan a document ?

    Yes, please see the librarian at the reference desk. They will assist with the scanning of your document.   

  • Where is the Media Center?

    The Media Center is located on the first floor of the library in the Nugent building. 

  • How do I use Academic Search Premier?

    To start using Academic Search Premier, go to Marymount Manhattan’s website > Quick Links > Library, and then look on the right for the button that says databases. Click on it, and up comes an alphabetical list of databases. If you’re off campus, outside MMC’s security bubble, you will have to enter your screen name (just the name part, not the @mmc part) and password before you can use the databases. Instructions are located here ( A little trick to maximize Academic Search Premier. When you get to the webpage, you’ll see on the top just above the search boxes a link that says Choose Databases. Click on that link and a little box comes up listing all the databases from the company that provides us with Academic Search Premier. Click on Search All, and Ok. That way, you get all the resources of this database company (which is called Ebsohost) without having to search multiple databases. Ebscohost focuses on keyword searches, so, once again, you’d begin your search by typing in the keywords.  You can filter the search by date, topic, key word, and database by looking on the left.

  • I Have My Citation. Where’s My Article?

    Often a citation is the most valuable piece of the puzzle when searching for a particular article it provides a direct link to that sought after piece of academic work. For example, suppose that when you’re hunting for sources for the essay on incarceration as the new Jim Crow, someone suggests you consult Ta-Nehsi Coates’ Between the World and Me. You can’t find it at MMC, but someone tells you that before it was a book, a good piece of it appeared as an article in The Atlantic Monthly. You go to MMC > Quick Links > Library and look on the right for E-Journals A-Z. When you click on that button, up comes a search box. You click on the radio button for Journals Only, because you know you’re looking for a journal. Then enter the journal title. Up comes the information that The Atlantic Monthly is available from 1993 to the present via Academic Search Premier. You follow the link to Academic Search Premier. Click on Search within this publication, and enter the information you have: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Between the World and Me. Up comes a link to the part of the book that was published in this magazine, under the title “Letter to My Son.” In addition, not every article is accessible via the MMC library please fill out an Inter-Library Loan form and/or see a librarian.  

  • How do I find E-Journals that library subscribes to ?

    • Go to 
    • Quicklinks
    • Library
    • Journals A-Z (among the buttons on the right side of the web page)
    • Click on the radio button to limit the search to Journals only
    • Type in the name of the journal

    The program will tell you whether the journal is available online in any of MMC’s databases. Check the dates to be sure the particular issue you’re interested in is available, and follow the links. This could save you a lot of time waiting for inter-library loans.

  • What is the E-Journals A-Z list?

    The A-Z Journal list contains the library’s holdings of digital journals, magazines, newspapers, and ebooks. It can be located on our homepage under the tab E-Journals A-Z. In addition, you can locate the E-Journal A-Z list by clicking on this link: A-Z journal list

  • Can I use Turnitin ?

    Yes, please see a librarian and they will set you up with an account or you can visit the MMC Turnitin page.

  • How do I renew my digital NYTimes academic pass?

    Please use the following directions to renew your subscription:

    Please click on this link to reactivate:

    Please contact a librarian if you have any questions. 

  • How do I get access to the digital subscription of the New York Times?

    To get access to the New York Times please follow these directions:

    We now have access to NY Academic Pass, which gives us complimentary access to (no more monthly article limits and paywalls). To participate, you must first create an account using the following link:

    Once you create that account (using your MMC email), you can then logon to the NY Times website and no longer have your access limited.

  • What is the guest WIFI?

    The guest WIFI is:  


    Guest Login

  • How do I schedule a librarian for my class?

    To schedule a librarian for your class please contact Tammy Wofsey via email at or by phone at 212-774-4803.

  • What are the library’s noise policies ?

    The first floor of the library is for group work and quiet conversation. The second floor of the library is quiet study only.