Media Center

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The Media Center is located on the second floor of the library, down the hall by the librarian staff offices. Media Center hours are the same as the Library. The direct extension is 805 to Coordinators Jordan Horsley and David Uscinski


Streaming video service


Access to over 26,000 educational and academic films, ranging from documentaries, indie and foreign films, must-see classics and blockbuster movies. Kanopy’s sophisticated discovery engine encourages users to challenge themselves to watch films outside of their comfort area.
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Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. is an international, non-theatrical, film distributor and licensor. Founded in 1937, it is privately owned and operated by the Swank family. It is one of the world’s largest non-theatrical distributors of motion pictures for public performance.



Equipment must be reserved at least 24 hrs in advance. Same day reservations, while possible, cannot be expected to be filled. Almost every classroom is outfitted with a TV/VCR combo. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE these setups from class under any circumstances. If there is a problem with your set-up you should call the Media Center. On each TV/VCR is a note with the room number TV set # and media extension as well. The “Smart” classrooms are equipped with computers, VCRs, remotes, screens and video projectors. These are serviced by the IT DEPT. at x580. We do have spare TV/VCR set ups in the Media Center that we will bring up to you if needed, so please DO NOT TAKE a TV/VCR from another professor’s classroom.

Video Reserves

Videos that are to be put on reserve for your class will be kept in the Media Center under Professor’s name or class, and will not circulate. We have several TV/VCR/DVD set-ups for student and faculty use within the Media Center. Reserves should be made at the beginning of every semester if you want to ensure availability. We have a growing collection of videos and DVD titles to choose from. A complete list can be found on the web site and in book form in the Media Center. Adjuncts and professors can take out materials longer than the two-day period normally allowed. We ask that if the material is being kept longer than a week that you notify the Media Center. Occasionally more than one class uses the same video for Reserve so it is important that you abide by the rules.

The Media Center also keeps collections of audiotapes, vinyl records, CDs, and Maps. Updated collection lists are available at the start of every semester in the Media Center.



Please respect the equipment you take out, and understand that other professors may be in need of titles or equipment you will be using as well. Report any classroom equipment problems to the Media Center, and we will fix or replace anything we can as soon as possible.