Racial Equity

Marymount Manhattan College has a responsibility as an institution of higher education to confront our role in perpetuating racial inequity, to consciously create an inclusive community that honors the experiences of people of color, and to interrupt racism whenever we witness it. We strive to become a college where members of our community have fair access to an educational and workplace environment in which race is not a determining factor in the outcome.

Higher education is not immune to racial disparities in the United States. As an industry that prepares students to become leaders in our greater global society, MMC must model what effective anti-racist practices can look like by working to eliminate institutional polices, practices and procedures that may unknowingly perpetuate racism. Racial equity cannot simply be rhetoric but must be backed up by action. Saying equity is not the same as doing equity.

The successful operations of any college rely on communication, collaboration and support from one another. Our racial equity initiative is a college-wide effort that involves the President’s Cabinet, Academic Divisions, Administrative Divisions and the Board of Trustees. This work is not a short-term project but rather an essential part of the evolving culture at Marymount Manhattan College.

Learn more about the work of the President’s Task Force for Racial Equity.