Important Communications

Community Messages from MMC’s Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator:

Date: September 11, 2017
To: MMC Community- Students, Faculty, and Staff 
From: Christine Gregory 
Re: 2016-17 Report on Diversity and Inclusivity

Dear the MMC Community:

Addressing inequality, and the systems that perpetuate it, begins right here, on our campus. At MMC, we are working to create an environment that is inclusive and just for all members of our community, with particular emphasis on those with underrepresented and marginalized identities. The manner in which we set priorities, allocate resources, and go about our daily work must be a reflection of our core values. Though there is much work yet to be done, I am proud to report that during the 2016-17 academic year, we made significant progress with respect to inclusion at the College.

In spring 2017, MMC completed its first Sexual Climate Survey. The survey examined student awareness, experience, and attitudes about sexual conduct, bystander behavior, college policies related to sexual misconduct, and students’ personal experiences when reporting sexual misconduct incident. The results are published on our website and will be used to inform College programming going forward.

The President’s Advisory Committee for Inclusivity also achieved several major goals:
• The drafting and approval of a new Inclusivity Statement, which captures the College’s deep commitment to social justice, equality, and inclusion,
• The development of a report on faculty diversity at MMC,
• New inclusivity staff training offered by HR, and
• A new focus on the experience of international students at MMC.

Please review the full report for more detailed information.

Finally, inclusivity and diversity are key elements of the Strategic Plan for 2017-2021. The plan calls for providing additional support to under-resourced subpopulations within the student body (e.g., first-generation college students, students of color, international students) and developing and implementing a recruitment and retention plan aimed at diversifying the College’s faculty and staff, especially in terms of race, ability, and ethnicity.

As the College’s Chief Diversity Officer, I am grateful for our shared commitment to making MMC a more diverse and inclusive campus, and I look forward to our continuing work together.


Christine Gregory, Esq.
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Diversity, and Title IX

Date: March, 28, 2017
To: MMC Community - Students, Faculty, and Staff
From: Christine Gregory 
Re: MMC’s Policies, Practices, and Resources that Apply to Undocumented and Immigrant Members of the Community

Dear MMC Community,

In President Kerry Walk’s “You are Welcome Here” message dated February 8, 2017, she reaffirmed the College’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment, particularly in the face of Executive Orders that restrict travel from several predominately Muslim countries. In her message she stated that as a community dedicated to higher education, now perhaps more than ever, it is critical that we stand in opposition to discrimination, whether on the basis of religion, national origin, race/ethnicity, or other identities.

As a follow up to her message, yesterday afternoon in a college-wide event hosted by the Division of Student Affairs, Michele Lampach, Esq. provided an overview of the current status of immigration, DACA, and travel restrictions under President Trump. Ms. Lampach is the Executive Director of UnLocal (, an NYC based non-profit organization that provides legal assistance to immigrants.

During the workshop, some of Marymount Manhattan’s policies, practices, and resources that apply to undocumented and immigrant members of our community were discussed. Although much of what I am writing was in President Walk’s message, I am writing to expand on this information and to highlight additional points that may be useful.  

• Federal, state, or municipal agents, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will not be permitted to enter MMC without a valid warrant. Our security staff will require documentation of a valid legal subpoena or warrant before allowing government agents to enter the College or before providing non-public information about campus community members. This includes New York Police Department (NYPD) officers who seek information about undocumented and immigrant students, faculty, and staff on campus. All security officers are aware of this protocol and will refer matters to the Director of Campus Safety for further review. The validity of any subpoena or warrant will be assessed by legal counsel.

• MMC’s security staff will not inquire about the immigration status of any student at the College. They are not considered law enforcement and will not assist federal immigration authorities or otherwise facilitate in the enforcement of immigration policy unless presented with valid legal subpoena or warrant.

• MMC will not release student information unless required by law. Strict privacy protections of student records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) extend to all students in our community, including undocumented members.

• Counseling and support services are available to undocumented and immigrant students through the Counseling and Wellness Center. Information discussed about an individual’s undocumented status is private and confidential.

• The College’s Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment policy and Bias Incident Response policy covers all members of the College community and prohibits discrimination based on race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability, veteran status, genetic information or any other protected status.

If you have questions or concerns regarding MMC’s policies, please feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Christine Gregory, Esq.