Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

As a small liberal arts college in one of the most diverse cities in the world, Marymount Manhattan College recognizes that promoting diversity and inclusion is integral in higher education. Inherent in the mission of our college is the goal of educating a socially and economically diverse student body. As we become increasingly diverse as a nation, so will higher education institutions. We must be prepared to support the shift in demographics among our student body and the workforce who will be guiding them. As we envision a college that is accessible and a community for all, it is imperative to develop and implement equitable practices in order to achieve this.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, which is highlighted in Marymount Manhattan’s Strategic Plan, Contemporary and Compelling: Envisioning MMC’s Future, requires us to create a path that achieves specific goals and develops measurable outcomes. As we work towards our vision of being the nation’s premier destination for students seeking a contemporary and compelling small-college experience in the heart of New York City, developing a common purpose and commitment to equitable practices is imperative for it to be fulfilled. We must be intentional in our approach in developing a college where all members feel welcome, valued and respected. The strategic plan will build out a framework with priorities for the college to implement within a 5 year time frame that will make MMC more fully diverse and inclusive. 

The vision and ultimately implementation of this plan calls on the participation of all areas of the college. Over the next year, we will provide collaborative opportunities aimed at developing shared goals and strategies to fulfill them. Members of the college community were invited to participate in Community Conversations which were held on Tuesday November 27th and Wednesday November 28th. This time was used to receive input in the process of developing a strategic plan based on community responses.

The collaborative work has resulted in the 4 strategic priorities for the college:

  • Goal #1: Improve the diversity of the Marymount Manhattan College community.

  • Goal #2: Cultivate an inclusive campus environment for members of the MMC and surrounding community.

  • Goal #3: Enhance learning and professional development opportunities focused on diversity and inclusion.

  • Goal #4: Improve accountability around diversity initiatives, practices and policies.

A full EDI strategic plan report will be available on July 1, 2019. Feel free to share any thoughts about this plan in the feedback form below. Information can be shared anonymously.

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The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategic Planning Team was formed in September 2018. The team is made up of students, faculty and administrators. They include:

  • Brenelle Braganza, ’19, Student
  • Bree Bullingham, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Christian Andrade, Dean of Admission
  • Desiree Sholes, Executive Coordinator, Office of the President
  • Jill Stevenson, Professor of Theatre Arts and President of the Faculty Council 
  • Michael Salmon, Assistant Vice President and Dean of the Center for Academic Excellence
  • Rebecca Mattis-Pinard, Chief Diversity Officer & Title IX Coordinator
  • Romello Rodriguez ’19, Student
  • Sarah Nelson-Wright, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Arts