Racial Equity Action Plan

Marymount Manhattan College has a responsibility as an institution of higher education to confront the role of institutions in perpetuating racial inequity, to consciously create an inclusive community that honors the experiences of people of color, and to interrupt racism whenever we witness it.

At the advisement of President Kerry Walk’s as stated in her communications to the Marymount Manhattan College community on June 15th, 2020 faculty and staff leadership are to develop and implement ways of actively dismantling policies and practices that unknowingly perpetuate racism at the College, and to focus on building intentional spaces to support our communities of color. To that end, the commitment of each of MMC’s academic divisions and departments is essential for effective and lasting change to occur.

Feedback received from members of the Marymount Manhattan College community – Students, Faculty, Staff and Alum – have indicated that the college has not sufficiently worked to deliberately develop systems to achieve racial equity. The goals for achieving a racially diverse, inclusive and equitable institution must be explicit and operationalized.

This action plan will serve as a guide for each division/department area to follow in order to work towards developing an institution where racial equity is a foundational presence. The development of the plans are being steered through the President’s Task Force for Racial Equity. To ensure community accountability, each academic division plan will be accessible on this page by early December 2020. We look forward to sharing this path forward with the MMC community.