Administrative Services

Welcome to Marymount Manhattan College’s Administrative Services Department which includes the areas of Purchasing, the Mailroom at the College, and the Residence Halls at 55th Street and Cooper Square. The Administrative Services Department operates under the Division of Administration and Finance and services the entire Marymount Manhattan community.

The services provided include purchasing, fleet management of copiers college wide, mail services including all incoming mail and packages for staff and faculty at the college and students residing at the Residence Hall at 55th Street and Cooper Square. 

To contact Marymount Manhattan College’s Procurement Department please email - we are working remotely. 


The 71st Street Mailroom and both Residence Hall Mailrooms will be closed until further notice. Any questions can be directed to either Ebro Marrero ( or Maria C. Marzano ( 

Frequently Asked Questions Re: Remote Operations

  • Will the Business Office be operating while we are working remotely?

    Yes, the business office will be fully operational while the business office staff works remotely. There are a couple of individuals that will be coming into the office periodically to perform critical business functions that cannot be performed remotely but will remain accessible via email and phone while working remotely.

  • Can I make necessary purchases for my department while working remotely?

    Yes, you can request to make critical purchases through our normal process; however, we ask that you consider whether the purchase is necessary for business continuity prior to submitting it. If it can be delayed until we return to normal operations, please do so.

    For small dollar purchases that are in accordance with our p-card policies, please feel free to make purchases on your p-card with appropriate approval from your supervisor. For all other purchases, please submit requisitions for approval via email to

  • How can I submit a purchase requisition while working remotely?

    You can submit requisitions via email to Please ensure that you obtain the required approvals per our purchasing policies prior to submitting your request. During this remote period, we will accept email approvals; however, all other the guidelines outlined in our existing policies should continue to be adhered to. For additional guidance regarding purchasing policies, please refer to the purchasing link which includes the MMC Requisition form and Purchasing Manual. Please address any specific questions regarding the purchasing process to the email address noted above.

  • How will I know if the items that I purchased arrive?

    At this time, if items are delivered to the College address, they will remain in the mailroom until further notice. Please contact purchasing to discuss possible other arrangements.

  • Where will the items that I purchased be sent?

    This will be determined on a case-by-case basis; most College vendors ship directly to the College address. You will need to reach out to purchasing to discuss your request.

  • I just received a vendor invoice that needs to be paid, who should I send it to?

    Please submit all vendor invoices to for processing.

  • Will Mail Services be available while we work remotely?

    The mailroom and mail services will not be available until further notice.

  • 71st Street Mailroom Process

    What will happen with mail at 71st Street?

    Arrangements have been made with USPS to have Marymount Manhattan College’s mail held at the Post Office at the 70th Street location. Once we are able to gain access to our 71st main campus location, we will arrange for mail to be picked up and sorted.

    Will FedEx and UPS still be making deliveries?

    Yes. At this time both couriers continue to make deliveries to the main campus

    Will I be able to get mail and packages?

    You will be notified once you are able to pick up mail and packages from the mailroom. At that time, you will also be able to drop off any outgoing mail. The mailroom staff will not be distributing mail or packages to departments.

    How do I know if I have a package and when I can pick it up?

    There are some packages that are currently in the mailroom and we will be notifying those staff/faculty members; these packages will remain in the mailroom until we receive notification that we are able to return and release them to you.

    There will also be incoming packages that will be delivered to the College during this period when the mailroom is closed; these packages will be stored in the mailroom. They will be logged in and you will be notified once the mailroom is operational.

  • 55th Street and Cooper Square Residence Hall Mailrooms:

    At this time, both Residence Halls and their mailrooms are closed until further notice.

    Any questions can be directed to either Ebro Marrero at  or Maria C. Marzano at