Mailroom at Main Campus (internal)

The Mail Room at MMC performs the following services:

Incoming/Outgoing Mail Processing

  • Delivery/Pickup Schedule
  • Faculty Mailboxes

Incoming Packages Deliveries

  • Accepting and Logging in of packages received from couriers
  • Delivery of Packages
  • Department Acceptance of Deliveries
  • Problems with Deliveries

Outgoing Courier Services

  • Federal Express
    • FedEx airway bills (domestic/international) can be obtained by contacting the Mailroom at ext. 423.
    • When completing an airway bill please complete all required fields including: date, sender’s name, phone number, internal billing reference (the department’s budget code should be entered in this field), recipient’s name, recipient’s company (if applicable), phone number, full street address, city, state, zip code (country if mailing outside of the US), type of service being requested (I.E: Priority Overnight), type of packaging being used, and the payment option should be checked. See sample .
    • Contact the Mailroom to arrange for a pickup in your department or bring down outgoing package to the Mailroom. All FedEx packages that are ready during regular business hours (9:00AM - 5:00PM) are scheduled for pickup by the Mailroom.
    • Any package sent out after regular business hours must be scheduled by the sender calling 1-800-463-3339. The original airway bill must be left at the Security Desk (71st entrance). On the next business day this receipt will be picked up and entered into the outgoing log.
    • Any inquiries, such as delivery status, should be directed to the Mailroom at ext. 423
  • Messenger Service
    • Contacting Courier
    • Billing



  • 501 Carson Hall
  • Lower Level - Carson Hall
  • Library (3) (Students) - 2nd and 3rd Floors - Nugent
  • Department Copiers:
    • Admission - Nugent 1st Floor
    • Theatre - Nugent 1st Floor
    • Library Staff - Nugent 2nd Floor
    • HEOP - Nugent 3rd Floor
    • Communication Arts - Nugent - 5th Floor
    • Faculty Office - Room 106 - Carson Hall
    • Institutional Advancement - 2nd Floor - Carson Hall
    • Business Office - 3rd Floor - Carson Hall
    • President’s Office - 3rd Floor - Carson Hall
    • Science - 6th Floor - Carson Hall
    • Psychology - 7th Floor - Carson hall
    • Academic Affairs/Student Affairs - 8th Floor - Carson hall
    • Humanities/Social Science - Faculty Center 1st, 3rd and 5th Floors

Department Access codes are necessary to make copy, scan to e-mail or to print (designated copiers only).

If you need your department access code, please contact the Administrative Assistant in your department.

If you need help with use of the copiers, please speak to either the Administrative Assistant in your department or contact Jason Marrero  at extension 423. You may also contact Maria C. Marzano  for any issues related to the copiers at extension 428.

If a paper jam occurs, please contact the Mailroom - ext. 423 and someone will assist you.


Offsite Storage

  • Process for completing Inventory Form
  • Labeling and picking up of boxes being sent to offsite storage
  • Requesting a Box from offsite storage
  • Contact information

Folding and Inserting Special Mailings


  • Requesting Blue Books
  • Recycled Toner