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Mailroom at Main Campus (Internal)

The Mailroom (located on the lower level of Carson Hall) at MMC performs the following services:

Incoming/Outgoing Mail Processing

  • Delivery/Pickup Schedule
  • Faculty Mailboxes

Incoming Packages Deliveries

  • Accepting and Logging in of packages received from couriers
  • Delivery of Packages
  • Department Acceptance of Deliveries
  • Problems with Deliveries

Outgoing Courier Services

FedEx Online Access:

  • A new FedEx online account has been set up to make it easier for users to complete an airway bill and maintain a record of their shipments
  • You will be able to save the recipient information to an address book for future use.
  • If your department needs to be set up, please contact Evan Colon or 212.517.423
  • After Hour Outgoing Packages Note: The mailroom must receive your outgoing FedEx packages by 2:00pm for them to be picked up by the courier same day (for ground shipments allow for two day pickup).
  • Packages can no longer be left at the Security Desk.
  • Any package ready after 2:00pm can either be held for the next business day by the mailroom or if it is an urgent package, you would be able to drop it off at the FedEx office located at 1200 Third Avenue @ 70th Street (express by 8:00pm and ground by 4:00pm).
  • As a reminder, the Mailroom can weigh your package before it is taken to the FedEx office.

  • Mailroom staff will continue to follow up and ensure that your package was delivered and you will be notified of any problem with your FedEx package



  • 501 Carson Hall
  • Lower Level - Carson Hall

Department Access codes are necessary to make copy, scan to e-mail or to print (designated copiers only).

If you need your department access code, please contact the I.T. Help Desk.

If you need help with use of the copiers, please speak to either the Administrative Assistant in your department or contact the Mailroom at extension 423. 

If a paper jam occurs, please contact the Mailroom - ext. 423 and someone will assist you.

Offsite Storage

  • Begin by filling out the inventory form  (Note: You must fill out one form per box. You do not have to fill out a form if it’s a box you previously requested and are returning)
  • To request storage boxes, please contact Evan Colon or Dennis Clark
  • Each box should feature your department name, destroy date and a small description of the contents (written in marker in the appropriate note section of the boxes).
  • Labels can be requested from Evan Colon 
  • 3 copies of the inventory form should be made (One for your copies, one inside of the box and the last is handed to the person who is picking up your box(es).
  • Contact Evan Colon to schedule a pick-up of your boxes.
  • Contact Evan Colon via email along with the accurate label numbers on the boxes that you’d like pulled from storage and delivered to you. (Note: please allow for one business day for requested boxes).

Folding and Inserting Special Mailings