Mail Room at 55th Street

Hours of Operation

Monday, Thursday and Friday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Tuesday and Wednesday: 11:00am - 7:00pm

Closed between 1:00pm - 2:00pm (Mon-Fri)

Saturday - 11:00am - 3:00pm

Any changes to the above schedule such as weather related or Holiday closures will be posted on the TV monitors near the elevators on the First Floor and in the Mailbox and Mailroom areas.

Important Information

Incoming mail and/or packages for students must be addressed to their place of residence.

Incoming Student Mail Process

  • Mailbox assignments and keys are given out at the start of the Fall semester by the Office of Residence Life.
  • Incoming mail for students residing at 55th Street should be clearly labeled with their name and mailing address including their mailbox number.
  • Mail is picked up from the US Post Office, sorted and placed in the respective student mailbox.
  • Any student experiencing a problem with their mailbox should immediately notify either the Mailroom or a staff member of Residence Life to report the problem.
  • Mailbox keys are turned in at the end of the Spring semester to the Office of Residence Life.
  • At the end of the Spring semester, mail is forwarded to students until June 30th. Students should notify all senders of their updated mailing address. Any mail received after this date will be returned to the sender.
  • If a student leaves during the year, mail is forwarded for a period of one month to allow notification to senders of their updated mailing address.
  • When moving out of the 55th Street Residence Hall, it is also important to notify subscription carriers such as Time Magazine, People Magazine, etc. so that they can update their records. The Mailroom contacts and cancels all free catalog subscriptions such as Alloy, Land’s End, etc.

Incoming Package Deliveries

  • All courier deliveries (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) must be labeled with the student’s name and complete mailing address.
  • Packages are accepted by a member of the Mailroom staff and logged into the inbound tracking system – which includes entering the student name; person/company sending package; tracking number; carrier and designated location in the Mailroom.
  • An automatic e-mail is generated by the system to the student advising them of a delivery.
  • Students can pick up their package from the Mailroom during regular business hours and must show their MMC picture ID. No packages will be given out without proper identification.
  • Packages will only be released to the student listed on the package.
  • A reminder e-mail will be sent to a student who has not picked up their package after two weeks.
  • Packages not picked up prior to the Winter Break will remain in the Mailroom until they return for the spring semester.
  • At the end of the spring semester, packages not picked up will be either forwarded to a student (if forwarding address has been given to the Mailroom) or returned to the Sender.

Contact Information

  • Please contact Maria C. Marzano, Director of Administrative Services in the event of an emergency at 212.517.0428 or
  • If you need assistance in tracking a package, please contact Michael Durnin