Fall Housing Selection

Fall Housing Selection (FHS)  is the opportunity for current MMC students to reserve a space in housing for Fall 2020. Sign up to secure your space for next year!

Note: If you are a new, incoming student or a transfer student, please view your housing application process here . The below information is for current MMC students only.


Marymount Manhattan College is currently reevaluating the original deadlines which were in place for Fall Housing Selection, and as a result, all deadlines have been taken out of this page. If any deadline or date changes occur, we will email you with any updates, as well as update this webpage. We have shared the Returning Student Housing Application with you, and it is available through MMC Residence.

We will not be holding an Info Session or RA Programs that are dedicated to Fall Housing Selection. We encourage you to read through this webpage thoroughly. 

*Please make sure you do not have a balance on your student account, otherwise your $500 non-refundable deposit will be considered a payment on your account, not your housing deposit.

Cooper Square Tours

We will no longer be able to provide tours. If you would like an idea of what rooms look like, please check out the floor plans on our website, and take a look at some of the virtual tours. Please note that floor plans are not to exact scale. You should have in mind what types of rooms you like prior to selection, so that on selection day, you can pick from your top choices. 



Click to view Cooper Square floor plans


Continuing students will live at Cooper Square



  • In order to participate in Fall Housing Selection (FHS) 2020, students must submit both the $500 non-refundable housing deposit and application. Residence Life accepts housing applications on an ongoing basis; however, applications received after the deadline for applications and deposits are due, will not be able to participate in FHS 2020, and rooms will be assigned based on availability.                                                               

  • Continuing students will live at Cooper Square. There are limited spaces at the 55th Street Residence Hall in RA apartments. You can request to be on the 55th Street waitlist on your application, but should still select a room at CSQ during FHS. 

  • Be sure you want to live in housing before you apply for housing. Once you submit the deposit and complete the application, you will be liable for paying for housing for the entire academic year. 

  • Bed configurations cannot be adjusted which means lofted beds must remain lofted and bunked beds must remain bunked. 

  • You are not selecting a specific bed within a bedroom/suite. Bed assignments will be sent out over the Summer. If you require a certain type of bed, please contact the Office of Disability Services to arrange for an accommodation before the deadline for applications and deposits are due. 

  • If you do not select a space on your selection date, you will receive a housing assignment during the Summer. 

  • You are strongly urged to obtain renters insurance, or verify coverage with your family’s homeowners policy for theft, damage, loss, etc. of your personal belongings. 

  • Students who have submitted both the housing application and deposit by the application and deposit deadline can log-in to MMC Residence . to check for their room selection time and date to reserve their room on their assigned date.



  • The application is available now in MMC Residence .

  • The application portal link is online at www.mmm.edu/residencelife . Click Applications and Forms. Using your MMC login, you will be directed to your personal profile in MMC Residence .

  • If you opt-in to gender neutral housing, you will only be able to pair with people who have also selected Gender Neutral housing. If you opt-out of gender neutral housing, you will only be able to pair with people to live in same gender housing. 

  • If you are interested in gender neutral housing, please talk with the people you would like to live with to make sure that you have all opted in. Please understand that gender neutral housing is limited. 

  • If you require a special accommodation for a disability and are participating in Fall Housing Selection, you must register with The Office of Disability Services by prior to the application and deposit deadline to receive an accommodation. As a reminder, you must renew your accommodation every year. 


Deposits can be paid online through accessing Student Accounts Suite via MMC Connect. 

  • This section gives you the opportunity to view profiles of potential roommates and become a “Group” so you can choose your suite as a group. If you don’t have a potential roommate, but want to pick your room and be randomly matched with a roommate, you can skip Part 2 of the application ‘Roommate Group.’ 

  • For a Group placement (Groups can have 2-7 members), create a Roommate Group and share your Roommate Code (unique code listed at the top right of your application under your name) with each roommate you intend to live with.  Each person must confirm their participation in the group. The initiator becomes the Group Leader and is able to select the room/suite for the Group on the group’s assigned date and time so individual members do not have to each select a room. There are extremely limited apartments available for larger groups. 

  • To select a potential roommate, search the profiles by clicking the ‘Search Resident Profiles’ to view other residents looking for a roommate. The Roommate Group and matching profiles will remain open until you select your room. 

  • Individual Room Selection: Log in to MMC Residence using a computer (not a phone or tablet) during your assigned time slot for Room. 

  • Selection Group Room/Suite Selection:  The Group Leader will log in to MMC Residence  at the earliest time slot assigned to a group for room selection. 


1st and 2nd year students: $8,097 

3rd year + students: $7, 867 

Rates are defined by admit term 

  • A minimum of $1,350 Dining Dollars per semester are required for all students who live on campus. You can select a larger amount of Dining Dollars on the housing application. 



Please read and review the Housing Contract  before submitting your application.

  • Reside in the residence halls for the entire academic year, and be responsible for all housing fees for the duration of the academic year, whether or not you drop to part-time. 

  • Abide by all policies in the Resident’s Guide to Community Living. 


Marymount Manhattan College strives to create a residential community which is inclusive and comfortable for everyone who resides in the residence halls. We have made a commitment to create an environment where individuals can share a bedroom and suite with someone of a different gender or gender identity. This community will reside on select floors at Cooper Square. 

When you are completing the housing application, you will be given the option to opt-in to gender neutral housing, which will make this community open to you. Please keep in mind, that bedrooms and suites within The Gender Inclusive Collective are not placed based on gender identity. Students who identify as non-binary, regardless of sex, will be place in gender neutral housing. You will only be able to pair with other students who have also opted into gender neutral housing. If you feel strongly about living in a bedroom with someone who shares the same gender as you, you should not opt-in to gender neutral housing. 


  • You will receive an email from Residence Life, where you can log in to MMC Residence to see what your selection date and time will be. Please check in advance to see what date and time you will be selecting a room. 

  • If you opted-in to Gender Neutral Housing, you will be on the first selection date. This does not give you priority selection. All rooms that are available are predetermined by Residence Life to optimize space within the building. 

  • If you did not wish to live in Gender Neutral Housing, you will be on the second selection date. 

  • If you do not select a room on your selection date, you will not be able to select a room. You cannot select a room on a different selection date. 



  • Create a roommate group by searching for profiles under the “Search resident profiles” tab. 

  • Participants can change their search filters or clear their search filters. 

  • View matching profiles of Residents. 

  • Send message or invitation to be roommates.  Participants can message other participants by clicking “View Full Profile” and then “Send Message”. 

  • Share roommate code and then enter the roommate code in the “Find someone you know” tab.



Sign in to MMC RESIDENCE at your assigned time (or anytime until 5 pm). You can select your suite as a Group or select a room as an individual.  

  • At your selection time, you will log into MMC Residence and click ‘OPEN’ under Room Selection. It will take you to a page where you will see your roommate group and by clicking ‘Select a Room’ you will see all of the spaces available to you. 

  • All of the rooms that you see, are the rooms that are available to you. Please note that rooms that are not assigned to your selection group type (mixed or same gender) will not be available to you. 

  • The Availability column lists how much space is available in each room 

  • After you have found a room, select “Finalize Selection.” You cannot edit this selection, so make sure that you are confident in the room and roommate group that you selected. 

  • If you are selecting your room as a group: The person who is your ‘Group Leader’ has to be the one that picks the room for everyone. If you’re currently the Group Leader, but someone else in your group has a better time slot than yours, you should switch who your Group Leader is to the earliest time slot. You can do this by hovering the mouse over your Roommate Group and clicking the arrows up or down. 

  • 7-person apartments are limited. If you are a large group and there are no longer suites available to match your size, you may need to reconfigure your group into smaller groups and then choose another room or suite. 

  • We do our best to keep your selections, but we reserve the right to make changes as move-in day approaches.  Roommate preferences must be mutual, but cannot be guaranteed. 

  • If you participate in mixed gender housing selection, you cannot participate in same gender housing selection. 


Please read and review the housing contract before submitting your application.

By signing the Housing Contract , you are agreeing to reside in the residence halls for the entire academic year, and be responsible for all housing fees for the duration of the academic year, whether or not you drop to part-time. You are also agreeing to abide by all policies in The Resident’s Guide to Community Living .

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