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Computer Network

All those receiving network connections and utilizing the resources of the Marymount Manhattan College Computer Network must agree to the following policies and guidelines. Registration for connection is an agreement to abide by all MMC network usage policies.

Due to the popularity of internet downloading, it has become necessary to place restrictions on the college’s network to assure that all activity remains in the legal parameters of New York State.

Please take a few minutes to read the official guidelines for network usage. Each student is expected to use the network responsibly. Please note that violations of specified regulations will be reported to the appropriate campus office or judicial body. Disciplinary actions can vary from revoking e-mail/login accounts and/or permanent disconnection from the campus network depending on the severity of the incident. The Information Technology Office also reserves the right to disconnect, without warning, any computer which poses a security or performance risk to the campus network. The connection may be later restored once the risk is eliminated.

Network Guidelines

Marymount Manhattan College’s network is for the use of MMC students, faculty, and staff, and is to be used for the academic, educational, and research purposes of the college.

All traffic on the network must adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Adherence to the network’s purpose
  2. Does not interfere with the work of other users of the network
  3. Avoid wasting campus resources
  4. Compliance with Federal, State, Local and College policies.

College-owned computers and network use are guided by the same principles as other campus activities and are subject to the same disciplinary measures. The following are examples of activities that would violate one or more of the four guidelines.