Cooper Square Floor Plans for FHS

*Fall Housing Selection bed listings below*


* Suites 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 6F, 8C, 9C, 10C, 11C, and 12C are RA apartments and will be held offline. 

Floors 6 - 9 are not available for selection during Fall Housing Selection.
The following suites will be off line during Fall Housing Selection:

3E, 4C, 6A, 10A, 10D, 11B, 12A, and 12D

Room layouts         

Room layouts are not to scale. 

 2nd Floor

Suite 2B Suite 2C  - Suite  2D  -  Suite 2E  - Suite 2F*

3rd Floor

Suite 3A - Suite 3B -   Suite 3C Suite  3D - Suite 3E   -  Suite 3F

4th Floor

Suite 4A - Suite 4b  -  Suite 4C - Suite  4D  - Suite 4E    -  Suite 4F

5th Floor

Suite 5A Suite 5b   -  Suite 5C - Suite  5D   -  Suite 5E  - Suite 5F

6th Floor

Suite 6A -  Suite 6b  -  Suite 6C -   Suite  6D -    Suite 6E - Suite 6F

7th Floor

Suite 7A - Suite 7B  - Suite 7C

8th Floor

Suite 8A -  Suite 8B -  Suite 8C-  Suite  8D

9th Floor

Suite 9A - Suite 9B - Suite 9C - Suite  9D

10th Floor

Suite 10A - Suite 10B -  Suite 10C - Suite 10D

11th Floor

Suite 11A - Suite 11B - Suite 11C - Suite  11D

12th Floor

Suite 12A - Suite 12B - Suite 12C - Suite  12D