Cooper Square Floor Plans

Cooper Square has a variety of room layouts and configurations, depending on the floor. Furniture at Cooper Square is in a fixed position, meaning beds must stay in the lofted or lowered position as listed on our layouts.

Cooper Square Full Floor Plans

The floor plans listed below are not to scale. 

Second Floor                     Third Floor                     Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor                         Sixth Floor                      Seventh Floor      

Eighth Floor                      Ninth Floor                     Tenth Floor     

Eleventh Floor                 Twelfth Floor 


*Fall Housing Selection bed listings below*


Room layouts         

Room layouts are not to scale. 

 2nd Floor

Suite 2B-  Suite 2C  - Suite  2D  -  Suite 2E  - Suite 2F*

3rd Floor

Suite 3A - Suite 3B -   Suite 3C - Suite  3D - Suite 3E   -  Suite 3F

4th Floor

Suite 4A - Suite 4b  -  Suite 4C - Suite  4D  - Suite 4E    -  Suite 4F

5th Floor

Suite 5A - Suite 5b   -  Suite 5C - Suite  5D   -  Suite 5E  - Suite 5F

6th Floor

Suite 6A -  Suite 6b  -  Suite 6C -   Suite  6D -    Suite 6E - Suite 6F

7th Floor

Suite 7A - Suite 7B  - Suite 7C

8th Floor

Suite 8A Suite 8B -  Suite 8CSuite  8D

9th Floor

Suite 9A - Suite 9B - Suite 9C - Suite  9D

10th Floor

Suite 10A - Suite 10B -  Suite 10C - Suite 10D

11th Floor

Suite 11A - Suite 11B - Suite 11C - Suite  11D

12th Floor

Suite 12A - Suite 12B - Suite 12C - Suite  12D


* Suites 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 6F, 8C, 9C, 10C, 11C, and 12C are RA apartments with RAs occupying the single rooms. Single rooms are not available for selection. 

Floors 6 - 9 are not available for selection during Fall Housing Selection.
The following suites will be off line during Fall Housing Selection:

3E, 4C, 6A, 10A, 10D, 11B, 12A, and 12D


3D Room tours

A few of our rooms have very cool 3D room tours. Click and drag your way through to see what’s really like inside the rooms at Cooper Square.

Suite 3D - same layout for Suites 2-6D.

Suite 5F - same layout for Suites 3-5F. 
NOTE: This is an RA room. The single room in this suite is not available for residents.

Suite 11C - same layout for Suites 8-12C.
NOTE: This is an RA room. The single room in this suite is not available for residents.