COVID-19 Protocols

During these unprecedented times, our first and foremost priority is to make sure that your experience within our residential communities is one which is a safe and healthy one. Marymount Manhattan College continues to embrace our core principles of safety, flexibility, and community since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Because COVID-19 infects individuals by spreading across and within close community networks, it is essential that every one of us in the residential community enters into a shared obligation and commitment to act prudently, safely, and in accordance with public health directives. Those who live on campus take on the shared risk of the community and the obligation to protect others. Residential students must be particularly sensitive to the fact that their neighbors or fellow residents are impacted by their decisions. Strong communication skills and empathy for others will be important characteristics to cultivate to ensure a safe and enjoyable living environment.

Please see the Residential Wellness Pledge for more information.

Additionally, please read and review our Quarantine and Isolation protocols.