Apply for Fall 2020 Housing

Update: 8.26.20: Please contact Residence Life about housing availability before applying and/or submitting a deposit. 

July 15, 2020: Applications and deposits submitted after Wednesday, July 15 will be considered on a rolling basis and if space permits, may be assigned to alternative housing locations.

For students who have already deposited: The new application for Fall 2020 housing will open on Thursday, July 9 for students who have already submitted a housing deposit. Please monitor your MMC email for an invitation for a Zoom Information Session about fall housing.

For students who have not yet deposited but are interested in fall housing: You will be able to submit an application for housing beginning on Monday, July 13. If you would like to submit your housing deposit in the meantime, you can do so through your student account. More details will be coming from Residence Life soon.

Due to the limited amount of space within the residence halls, student housing is offered on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to the students who have submitted their housing application and deposit. Other students will be considered for housing on a rolling basis as they submit their application and deposit. More information can be found on the Incoming Student and Continuing Student Housing pages.


Application Schedule & Deadlines

  • Students who have already submitted a housing deposit will be able to re-submit their housing application beginning Thursday, July 9. Applications are due by Monday, July 13 for priority housing selection.
  • Students who have not yet submitted a deposit will be able to access the housing application beginning Monday, July 13. Those applications and housing deposits are due by Wednesday, July 15 for priority housing selection.

  • If space permits, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis after July 15.


General Information for Students Considering Housing

  • Students who require a special accommodation must contact The Office of Disability Services as soon as possible to receive a special accommodation in housing.
  • Students will receive room and roommate information during the first week in August.
  • Students who wish to select roommates must create a roommate group on their housing application by Thursday, July 23 to be considered for a placement together. Although we cannot guarantee roommate requests, we do our best to accommodate them.


Incoming Students (New and Transfer)

Incoming students who have submitted a housing deposit by the June 1 deadline will be sent the updated Incoming Student Housing Application on Thursday, July 9, and if completed by Monday, July 13, they will be offered priority housing. More information on the Incoming Student Housing Application can be found here.


Continuing Students

Please note we will not be offering Fall Housing Selection for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Continuing students who have submitted both their application and their deposit must re-submit the updated housing application (beginning Thursday, July 9 and no later than Monday, July 13) in order to receive priority housing. 

Continuing students who have not yet submitted a deposit, will be able to access the housing application beginning Monday, July 13. Applications and deposits should be submitted by Wednesday, July 15 for priority housing.

Other applications submitted after July 15 will be considered on a rolling basis. More information on the Continuing Student Housing application can be found here.