Guests: Siblings

Sibling Guest Policy

MMC only allows overnight guests who are over the age of 18; however, an exception is made for 16 or 17 year old siblings of current residents who properly suit the Sibling Guest Form.  The form must be submitted 7 days in advance to a Resident Director. 

1. The resident can pick up a Sibling Guest Form from the Office of Residence Life, Carson Hall 807.  The top portion of the form “Student Information” and second portion “Guest Information” must be completed by the resident before submission to the Residence Director.  The Sibling Guest Form must be accompanied by:

  1. A letter from Parent/Guardian granting permission for 16 or 17 year old sibling to visit. 
  2. Copy of Guest’s Health Insurance Card
  3. Copy Guest’s photo ID to be used when entering the Residence Hall. 

2. The Resident Director will call the parent to confirm the visit and inform them that any policy violation by the resident or their sibling will result in the sibling being asked to leave the next morning.  The RD will sign the Form and email the resident so they can pick it up from the office. 

3. Resident must take signed form to the RA Office at the Residence Hall (or drop it off in the box at security) to be processed but the RA on duty.