Room Assignments

There are several factors we take into consideration when placing students in a room: disability accommodations, participation in Jump Start, the date the housing application was submitted, and personal preferences on the housing application. Our apartment/suites range in size from 4-7 occupants. 

Although we make every effort to assign students to a permanent room before their arrival, we reserve the right to move a resident once room assignments have been made.  Residents are generally assigned to a building based on which cohort group (First Year, Transfer, Returning) listed below they are part of; although we reserve the right to place a student in any available bed. 

Residence Life is supportive of all students including those who identify as transgender and those with a gender identity that is not traditionally associated with their birth sex.  Housing assignments will be made on the basis of gender with which the student currently identifies.  Current and incoming students with concerns relating to their gender identify/expression are urged to speak to Residence Life staff so we can assist the student in navigating their housing options.  

First Year students:

First year students reside at our 55th Street residence hall.  We are able to guarantee housing to students who apply by the deadline. Room assignments are generated randomly and your roommate group size does not determine your apartment size. In years with a large incoming class, we may need to place first year students at Cooper Square.

Transfer students:

Transfer students are assigned to either 55th Street or Cooper Square depending on available space.  We do our best to keep transfers in rooms together so their roommates are other transfer students, but at times transfers may be placed with returning MMC students or first year students.  We are able to guarantee housing to students who apply by the deadline.

Returning students: 

The majority of returning students live at Cooper Square, although a small group do live at 55th Street in RA apartments (see Living with an RA below).  For returning students, we must receive both a housing application and the $500 non-refundable housing deposit to consider an application complete.  We are generally able to provide housing for all returning students who participate in Fall Housing Selection (FHS) in the spring.  Returning students who submit their complete application (deposit and application) after FHS will be assigned as space allows or added to the waitlist.  Many continuing students choose their roommates/suitemates and rooms during our Fall Housing Selection process. Any returning student who does not participate in FHS or choose a roommate, but has submitted both the application and deposit, will be matched, as best as possible, based on the personal preferences on the housing application.   

Bed assignments:

When students receive their room assignment, it will also include their bed assignment. It is important for you to stay in your assigned bed space as it allows your new roommates to arrive for check-in without worrying about getting the “good bed”. It is also helpful when we assess damages at the end of the year, since each resident will be responsible for any damages to their assigned furnishings.  

Our beds are lofted, mid-height, and bunked; if you would like a different bed than you one you are assigned, you are able to submit a Room Change Request form (upon arrival), and as space allows your bed height may be adjusted or you may be moved to another room.  This may take time to process, and your cooperation is appreciated.          

Choosing roommates: 

While we cannot guarantee roommate matches, we try to grant roommate requests whenever possible. For new students who listed roommate requests on their housing applications, we begin the placement process by making sure all matches are mutual. Continuing students participating in Fall Housing Selection have an opportunity to create roommate Groups for Room Selection. 

If matches are not mutual between all roommates, we will be unable to place students together. You can select your roommates via MMC Residence, by either inputting their roommate code or finding a match the Residence website.

While some students will request a roommate, most new students will be matched by our office. We try to match students on as many of their preferences from their housing application as possible.

Meeting roommates:

Students will receive roommate information in early August/ early January. Most students will be tempted to look up their roommates on social media, and while we understand the desire to get to know everything about new roommates, we suggest students call and talk to their new roommates. Social media can be a poor representation of who a person is; talking is much better! We will not make room changes based on information from online communities, nor for any reasons that are discriminatory in nature.

Disability Accommodations: 

If you require any type of disability accommodation (including, but not limited to: a de-lofted bed, an assistance animal, a small occupancy room), please be in touch with the Office of Disability Services to register and request an accommodation.  Requests should be made at the same time as the housing application is submitted.  Please note, MMC does not offer single rooms. 

Gender Neutral Housing

At Marymount Manhattan College we seek to create a residential experience that is inclusive of all gender identities and gender expressions. For students who do not fit into  others’ expectations of gender presentations or identity, living in a residence hall where room assignments are based on one’s sex isn’t comfortable or desirable. Out of our deep respect for the uniqueness and validity of the self-perceptions of our students, we offer gender-inclusive housing options for all students.

Students must OPT IN to participate; if you are interested in gender neutral housing, you are open to living with a person of any gender. If you are under 18, you will need your parent’s permission, but we encourage all students to share their decision with their family.

You may select your own roommates. All requests must be mutual, and be submitted by July 1. If you sign up for gender neutral housing and don’t have a request, we will match you based on your application preferences.   In the event that your roommate moves out mid-year, another student may be placed into your room who has also opted-in to gender neutral housing. Please understand that individuals are not placed into gender neutral rooms based on sex.

Traditional, same-sex room assignments are not always comfortable or appropriate for all students.  As we strive to create an inclusive and safe residential experience, offering gender-neutral housing both accommodates and respects the complexities of gender identity.  It also demonstrates our belief that every student matters.

Jump Start

Unfortunately we have limited space each summer for our Jump Start participants, so it is rare they are able to participate in substance free or gender neutral housing.  If you would like to speak with someone in Residence Life about your situation, please email us at

Late Placements: 

There are times when late applicants may be placed temporarily in RA bedrooms at 55th Street.  These students will be moved out of the RA room as soon as a more appropriate room opens up.  This may mean residents are moved in the first weeks or months of the semester. 

Living With an RA

Although RAs are able to select their roommates, it’s possible any student may be placed with a Resident Advisor, particularly returning students who select to live at 55th Street. Because the RA is expected to be available to their residents, you may expect knocks on the door often. If the RA is not home, you should be kind in letting the resident know the RA is not available and take a message so that the RA may address the resident’s concern. RA apartments are also required to be tour rooms.  It is expected that you maintain a tidy room for tours.  Please also note that the RA may need to have meetings with a resident inside the suite and your cooperation and discretion is appreciated.

Nut Allergy: 

MMC is not a nut-free community, but if you would like to be matched with a nut-free roommate, please indicate this on your housing application. We cannot guarantee a nut-free room, but will do our best to accommodate your request.

Substance Free: 

While smoking, alcohol, and drugs are not permitted in MMC housing, the Substance Free themed floor at 55th Street is an optional living community for residents who choose to live with like-minded individuals who abstain from all substances, even cigarettes (used outside). Requests to live in substance free housing can be made on the housing application or by July 1 via email.  Due to popular demand, requests are met on a first come, first served basis.