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Special Petition Form

Please complete the following form for a special petition request. Kindly provide a detailed explanation in the space provided. Please be thorough, as the appeal officer is not required to meet with you in person. 

You will have the opportunity to upload supporting documents at the bottom of this form.

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Select the option you are requesting. You must provide an explanation/reasons in the next section. If you do not provide an explanation, your special petition will not be reviewed.
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Judicial decisions may be appealed, within three business days, on the following grounds: the judicial officer failed to follow the College's process, insufficient evidence to support the outcome, new evidence to present, or the judicial officer was biased.
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Appeals for damage charges can be submitted up to 30 days after the charge amounts are sent to your MMC email account.
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Residents that drop a class, during a semester, placing them below full-time status (12 credits) may request to remain eligible to continue residing in the residence halls.
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If you have any questions, please contact us at residencelife@mmm.edu or 212-774-0740