Core Council

The MMC Core Council was established to increase collaboration amongst the major campus organizations, as well as to serve as a unified voice to better address issues and concerns of the general student body. Additionally, the MMC Core Council recognizes the need for coordination of activities of member organizations by:

  • Establishing and administering the activities of the member organizations;
  • Assisting the college administration in attaining its engagement objectives;
  • Maintaining student involvement, advocacy, and inter-council relations;
  • Acting as a catalyst for member organizations on matters of interest to both the college and member organizations; and
  • Encouraging student leaders and organizations to maintain involvement within the college community in its entirety at Marymount Manhattan College.
Core Council representation

The MMC Core Council is represented by the following member organizations:

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA SealThe SGA advocates for students’ rights and facilitates communication between administration, faculty, staff and the student body. It is also our goal to promote the qualities of justice, leadership, and integrity, to better the Marymount Manhattan College community and the community in which we live.


Campus Activities Board (CAB) 


The mission of CAB is to enhance student life at Marymount Manhattan College by planning, promoting, and executing social, multicultural, recreational, and educational events for the general student body.



The Monitor Newspaper 

the monitorThe Monitor is MMC’s student-run newspaper. With a circulation of 1,000, the paper is published six times each semester, with the exception of January and summer sessions.

WMMC Griffin Radio

griffin radioWMMC Griffin Radio is a bi-weekly podcast-based radio station. The podcast consists of three segments speaking about current social and/or political issues. 


Griffin Yearbook
Yearbook Logo


The mission of the Griffin Yearbook is to preserve and provide memories of Marymount Manhattan College’s academic year. The MMC Yearbook staff captures major events from both fall and spring semesters, all the way until Commencement.



Residence Hall Councils: 55th St. RHC and Cooper Square RHC

 55th Street RHC 

cooper square




 RHC members at 55th Street and Cooper Square represent their peers on a variety of matters pertaining to their residence hall community and campus life. A large responsibility of each council is programming. Students have the opportunity to create programs geared towards the needs of the constituents.