Forms & Policies

Here you can find all the forms that are related to registered student organizations (RSOs) at Marymount Manhattan College:

  • Starting (or restarting) a registered student organization
  • Using your RSO’s budget
  • Programming and advertising on campus

For a complete look at the policies and procedures put in place by the Office of Student Development & Activities, please refer to our RSO Handbook .

For your convenience, your Student Development and Activities has also compiled an online folder with useful resources to you as a student leader. Check out the folder here .

  • Starting a New RSO

    Click here  for a quick guide to founding your own RSO.

    Starting a new organization at MMC is a relatively easy process. If you have any questions, please reach out to Kevin Croke at .  A detailed look at the founding process can be found here .

    1. Establish a mission statement for the proposed organization. Make it something unique and beneficial to the whole MMC community.
    2. Draft a constitution for the organization using our template, located here  .
    3. Complete the membership roster of at least 10 members, located here  .
    4. Complete an application to form a new Registered Student Organization  .
    5. Once approved by the Student Government Association (SGA), complete the RSO officer training at the beginning of the fall semester or upon request by submitting the RSO officer training request form  .
  • Restarting an RSO

    Restarting an RSO is for those who would like to renew the active status of the organization for the new academic year or to reactive a club that has existed on campus but is currently inactive.

    1. Complete a new membership roster  .
    2. Use our constitution template  to make any updates to your RSO’s constitution if needed.
    3. Complete the RSO renewal form  .
    4. Sign up for and complete the RSO officer training at the beginning of the fall semester or upon request by submitting the RSO officer training request form  .

    Once the renewal form has been accepted and the RSO officer training is completed, your RSO will officially be activated and will receive an automatic $100 boost to its budget.

    RSO email accounts:

    Each RSO has a unique email domain. Access to this email is granted to the president of each RSO. The president is also the primary owner of the RSO Team on Office 365  .

  • Using Your RSO’s Budget

    Click here  for a quick guide to RSO spending rules and procedures. A copy of the Treasurer training presentation is available for download here  .

    Budget requests:

    If your RSO would like to request additional funding from the SGA (beyond the $100 boost), please fill out the budget allocation request form  . Please note: Requests must follow the policies laid out in the Treasurer training in order to be considered.

    Accessing funds for purchases:

    If your RSO would like to get cash in order to make purchases for an upcoming event (cash advance) or would like to be reimbursed for expenses from a past event (reimbursement), please fill out one of the following forms:

    Please note: Cash advance and reimbursement request forms must follow the policies laid out in the Treasurer training in order to be considered.

    Each RSO program must have a sign-in sheet for student attendees to fill out. This sheet must be returned with the other materials associated with either of the above forms. Failure to do so may result in future request forms being denied. The sign-in sheet template is available here  .

    Placing a food order:

    If your RSO would like to place a large catering order from a restaurant for your event or program, you must make an appointment with Ben Giuliana, the Coordinator of Student Activities, at .

  • Programming and Advertising

    Reserving space on campus:

    To host an event or reserve a table, you must do so through SchoolDude:

    Advertising for your event

    Beyond emails and flyers*†, your RSO also has access to advertising through any of the following:

    • The Student Affairs Weekly Feed online newsletter
    • The digital signage screens in the Commons and Nugent Lounge
    • The MMC Events online calendar

    If your RSO is interested in utilizing any of the above media, please fill out this form  by noon on Wednesdays.

    Click here   for a quick guide on how to properly follow MMC branding policies.
    † Click here  for quick tips on how to effectively promote your event.