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Funding Requests

You have your money—now what?

This page provides information to all student organizations on how to properly use their funds allocated to them.

There are three different ways for student organizations (both RSOs and Core Council members organizations) to utilize their programming funds. No matter which way an organization decides to utilize its funds, it must submit an electronic request — called a funding request.

These funding requests can take any of the following forms. Using the plus signs on the right-hand side, please expand each type of funding request to learn more about that specific type to determine if that request is the proper one for you.

Once you’ve determined which type of funding request you’d like you use, submit the request on MMC Engage using this link, which will take you to the funding request submission form. All requests will be submitted using the same form and will be differentiated between cash advance requests, reimbursement requests, and requests for an MMC company card based on the answers in the form.

Please note:

All transfers of money in and out of your account (budget allocations, expenses, etc.) must be recorded in your internal records by the treasurer of the organization.

For RSOs with Fundraising Accounts:

If your RSO has a fundraising/exchange account, you are able to submit cash advance requests and requests for the use of an MMC company card. The procedure for accessing fundraising money is the same process as described as above.

If your RSO does not have a fundraising account but would like one, please reach out to Madeline Kling, Assistant Director for Leadership & Involvement for information on how to have one opened for your organization.