Inclusivity Programming

The Student Development and Activities office hosts a variety of diversity and inclusivity programs throughout the academic year. With speakers, workshops, social, and cultural events, students have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the college’s rich array of activities.  The programs offer enhanced student learning and help students develop their sensitivity as citizens of a global society.

We continue to celebrate annual events like the programs listed below. In addition to heritage programming, the office of Student Development and Activities sponsors events related to current experiences. If you have a programming suggestion please email Check out the calendar, Facebook, and the ‘What’s Happening at MMC’ tab for more events.

Annual Events

annual programs

 Asian American Heritage Month. During the month of May, MMC recognizes the contributions of Asian-Americans to the United States.



annual programs

 Black History Month. During the month of February, MMC recognizes the contributions Black/African-Americans to the United States.




annual programs

Latin/Latinx Heritage Month. From September 15 to October 15, MMC recognizes the contributions of Latin/Latinx Americans to the US. The x at the end of the word Latin is used in lieu of the ‘o’ to offer a gender inclusive option of Latina or Latino.


annual programs

 Native American Heritage Month. During the month of November, MMC recognizes the contributions Native-American/Indigenous Peoples have made to the United States.



annual programs

 Pride Month. During the month of May, MMC recognizes the contributions of the LGBTQ community to the United States. Typically Pride Month is held in June; however, because MMC is not in session during June, we celebrate Pride Month in May. 


annual programs

 Trans Day of Remembrance. On November 20th, MMC recognizes the lives that have been taken due to violence and hatred. Trans Day of Remembrance is a day in which we raise up the spirits and lives of the people murdered for being who they were.


annual programs

Womxn’s Herstory Month. During the month of March, Marymount Manhattan College recognizes the contributions women have made to the United States. 



Learn more about our events:

  • APIDA Heritage Month Events

    2018-19 Events:

    Taste of Culture: Vietnam
    As part of MMC Week, the Campus Activities Board presents Taste of Culture: Vietnam. Enjoy food, music, and games while celebrating Vietnamese culture.

    Enjoy an APIDA inspired meal at the Cafeteria.

    Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
    Come learn about, and practice Chinese Calligraphy from the instructors at the Chinatown Florentine School of the Arts. Sponsored by CAB.

    MOCA Trip
    Join the Cultural Peer Mentors on a trip to the Museum of Chinese in America, followed by a dinner in Chinatown!

    APIDA Identity and Success in the Workplace
    Explore how APIDA identity shows up in how we navigate ideas of leadership and success in the workplace. How does the model minority myth impact professional experiences? Come to this session to learn more about identity and professionalism.

    “But You Don’t Look Asian” Roundtable
    A short film and roundtable discussion on perceptions of Asian ethnicities. 

    BLSA APIDA Heritage Month Meeting
    Wednesday, May 8, 2019 | Multi-Faith Center CH 412 | 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    APIDA/ Black/ LatinX
    It’s APIDA Heritage Month! Let’s talk about how all three of these cultures intersect and appropriate one another. 

    Crazy Rich Asian Film Screening
    Watch the first major studio film that features an all Asian cast in 25 years!

    Past Events:

    APIDA Heritage Month
    In honor of APIDA Heritage Month, SDA hosted a roundtable discussion on APIDA representation in the media. In partnership with the Theatre Department, we invited Baayork Lee, a recipient of the 2017 Isabelle Stevenson Lifetime Achievement Tony Award to speak followed by an audience Q&A. 

    The Slanted Screen
    In honor of Asian-American Heritage Month, Cinemaniacs and SDA screened the documentary The Slanted Screen. Through interviews, voice-over narration, and a fascinating array of film and television clips, The Slanted Screen chronicles depictions of Asian American men and the culture that shapes them. The one-hour documentary presents film and television images from the turn of the century to the turn of the millennium. The Slanted Screen properly situates these images through historical narration, clips and photos.

    Inclusion/Exclusion Exhibit Tour 
    A guided tour of the Chinese Inclusion/Exclusion exhibit was done at the New York Historical Society Museum. Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion explored the centuries-long history of trade and immigration between China and the United States—a history that involved New York from its very beginnings—and raised the question “What does it mean to be an American?” The exhibit narrative extended from the late eighteenth century to the present and included all regions of the country, thus interpreting the Chinese American saga as a key part of American history.

    Asian American Heritage Reception
    Origami has transformed from artistic paper folding to complex mathematical equations result in beautiful creations. The documentary “Between the Folds” showed us the incredible feats that can be accomplished with just simple sheet of paper, but don’t worry, you are not expected to be as good as these professionals.

  • Black History Month Events

    2019–20 Events:

    TRAP Karaoke is all about cultural empowerment, community building, and fun safe spaces! Come out and let’s get lit - your host for the day is Danielle Hay, Class of 2020.

    Drag Show 2020
    This year’s drag show is themed for the Heartbreakers out there. Our performers will be bringing their very best and showcasing their best drag and lipsync for your enjoyment.

    Black History Month Film Screening
    Enjoy fresh pizza with this Black History Month film screening that is based on the inspirational life of an iconic American hero who is often called the Black Moses.

    Storytelling Through Soul Food
    Join Jacqueline Orange, the owner of Taste of Harlem Food Tour Inc., as she connects the history of soul food through storytelling. Participants are invited to share their own stories and enjoy a meal.

    Day Trip to Washington D.C.
    Join the Student Development and Activities team in a day trip to Washington, D.C to visit The National Museum of African American History and Culture.

    The Black Experience: Idolized and Stigmatized
    This trailblazing showcase will look at Black culture and Black history through the eyes of some of the media’s most prolific and iconic Black TV hosts. Tune in, because this is a show you won’t want to miss!

    Black Notables by Science Society
    Science Society has created a PowerPoint that will feature excellent black individuals who have made strides in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics. The purpose of these slides is to passively engage with the student body with facts about exceptional individuals. Specifically, individuals of prominence who are not household names. Be on the lookout for any televisions on campus to learn more about the exceptional predecessors in STEM!

    2018–19 Events:

    Black History Month Opening Mixer
    Members of the Student Activities Advisory Board (SAAB) welcome the Marymount Manhattan community to their opening mixer in honor of Black History Month, with special guest speaker Carl Lipscombe, a Bronx-born human rights defender and Deputy Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

    Annual Drag Show
    Campus Activites Board presents MMC’s Third Annual Drag Show! Join us on the fiercest night of the school year to find out who will be crowned MMC’s First Drag Superstar!

    Storytelling Across Intersectionality
    What does Black mean to you? The oral tradition of storytelling makes it possible for a culture to pass knowledge, history, and experiences. Come join and listen to featured tellers share their story. 

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Screening
    Along with Science Society, Forty Percent, and BLSA, we will be screening The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks followed by a discussion on bioethics.

    Mental Health and the Black Community
    Discussion led by Dr. Neda Hajizadeh, Director of Counseling and Wellness Center, and guests on mental health and the Black community.

    Overcoming Racial Biases in the Hunt for a Job
    The Office of Career Services will be facilitating a workshop on overcoming racial biases while on the hunt for a job.

    Coils and Curls
    Open forum led by Assistant Director of Student and Community Engagement, Zakkiyya Taylor, on natural hair followed by a natural hair product swap.

    The Black Experience: A Cultural Showcase
    A holistic view of the Black experience through art.


    Past Events:

    Black Comedy: No Tears, Just Politics
    Comedian Grant Cooper performed an original set of politically engaged stand-up comedy.  Following the comedy set, there was a presentation and analysis between Mr.Cooper and Dr.Lindsey Swindall about stand-up comedy as a vital space for political discussion.

    Moonlight Screening
    The event began with a discussion facilitated by Professor Judith Anderson (BMCC) about Black masculinity and how it is shaped/influenced by themes found in the film (sexuality, poverty, violence, role models, drugs, etc.). This will be followed by the film screening.

    Selma Screening
    A chronicle of Martin Luther King’s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965. There were also movie snacks, a discussion about Selma, and what movements and changes are happening today.

    ROAR: Exploring Women’s Creative, Healing, and Empowering Response to Violence
    To further examine the forms of violence that women have endured, panelists from organizations within our communities explored the impacts violence has had on Black women. They highlighted and expanded upon the ways in which Black women use creative and empowering methods to heal from the violence they experienced throughout their lives.

  • Latinx Heritage Month Events

    2019–20 Events:

    Taste of Latin America 
    The College celebrates the start of LatinX Heritage Month with samplings of street food, music, and fun!

    Day of Puerto Rico
    Please join us for an open discussion on the current climate of Puerto Rico. Together, we will share our concerns and hopes for the island.

    Roundtable on Afro-LatinX Inclusion
    Join the Black and LatinX Student Association (BLSA) in this roundtable discussion on the Afro-LatinX identity.

    Chance to Dance 
    Campus Activities Board sponsors this night’s event featuring dance lessons, food, and a student showcase on LatinX art. Princess Serrano (Class of 2022) will be instructing Salsa On2 and Tatiana Valencia (Class of 2018) will be instructing Latin Fusion.

    El Museo Del Barrio
    New York’s leading LatinX cultural institution welcomes visitors of all backgrounds to discover the artistic landscape of LatinX, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures. Cultural Peer Mentors will lead a group of students to explore El Museo together!

    Dia de los Muertos
    BLSA honors the annual Dia de los Muertos with an ofrenda to remember the dead. In tandem with this event, BLSA will be hosting a Coco(a) film screening.

    Past Events:

    LatinX Heritage Month Celebration 
    We brought in Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, who was born and raised in Lower Manhattan by a single mother who emigrated from Puerto Rico to New York and has worked for decades as a civil-servant. There was also a spoken word piece performed by one of our own MMC students as well as appetizers catered by Upper East Side’s Empanada Mama. 

    Reading Hour - Books by LatinX Authors
    The College enjoyed an hour of reading books authored by LatinX writers! Books were available to be taken home

    Photo Gallery
    Gallery viewing of “Latinos Break the Mold” and students shared what being LatinX meant to them.

    Promesa Puerto Rico
    Sponsored by the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Student Development and Activities, and BLSA, we invited Natasha Lycia, Ora Bannan, and Howard Jordan for a panel discussion on the Statehood, Economic Crisis, and the Future of La Isla del Encanto. 

    Salsa Dancing and Dinner
    For this event, the Black and Latina Student Association and Student Development and Activities teamed up with the Caribbean Cultural Center and African Diaspora Institute to bring students a Salsa Dancing workshop complete with a history lesson and free food.

  • Native American Heritage Month Events

    2019–20 Events:

    Keynote Reception
    Our featured event is the Keynote Reception with speaker Oleana. Oleana is a valued advocate of the Lenape community. A Tsalagi-Algonquian descendant, Oleana is a member of the American Indian Community House and Museum Guide/Educator/Curator/Native American Outreach Liaison. 


    All month, check out various New York City installations, events, and institutions on your own or with friends! 

    Friday, 11/1 - 3/8/20: Urban Indian: Native New York Now

    Sunday, 11/9: Native Sounds Downtown featuring Pamyua

    Saturday, 11/16: Lenape Harvest in Inwood

    Saturday, 11/16: Farmhouse Family Day: Native Storytelling Today

    2018–19 Events:

    Museum Tour of the National Museum of the American Indian 
    Join Museum Ambassador, Rhonda Asher for a 1-hour tour of Infinity of Nations: Art and History in the Collections of the National Museum of the American Indian. 

    Chartwells Native American Cuisine
    Join Chartwells in celebrating Native American Heritage Month! Stop by the cafe all day Monday, November 5, 2018 to try out traditional Native American cuisine. 

    Smoke Signals Film Screening
    Join the Office of Student Development and Activities and Cinemaniacs as they bring you the screening of Smoke Signals.

    First United Lenape Nations Pow Wow and Standing Ground Symposium
    Join us for a day of Native art, food, dance competitions, and special performances in addition to a symposium that explores Indigenous culture with Inuit (Inuk) experimental vocalist and artist Tanya Tagaq and fellow artists, writers, scholars, performers, and community leaders. 


    Past Events:

    Native American Heritage Month Celebration
    Students could try traditional Native American fry bread and three sisters salad while learning about Native American two spirits. 

  • LGBTQIA+ History and Pride

    2019-2020 Events:

    National Coming Out Day Roundtable
    Students were invited to join GSS (Gender and Sexuality Studies) and SDA (the Office of Student Development and Activities) at the National Coming Out Day roundtable. Here, GSS shared key tips and information on how to support your friends with their decision to come out.

    New York Historical Society Exhibit Stonewall 50
    Students were invited to join on an excursion to Stonewall50 at New York Historical Society which featured two exhibitions and a special installation.

    Safe Zone
    Safe Zone is a program designed to visibly identify students, staff, and faculty members who support the LGBTQ population, understand some of the issues facing LGBTQ individuals and are made aware of the resources that MMC and NYC offer.

    MMC’s Pride Day
    Sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, the MMC community is invited to share their Pride with MMC! 

    Trans Day of Remembrance
    On this day, we remember and honor transgender people around the world whose lives have been lost to anti-transgender violence.

    2018-2019 Events:

    National Coming Out Day Roundtable
    Students were invited to join GSS (Gender and Sexuality Studies) and SDA (the Office of Student Development and Activities) at the National Coming Out Day roundtable. Here, GSS shared key tips and information on how to support your friends with their decision to come out.

    Trans Awareness Week
    Students were invited to join GSS and SDA at their information table to pick up advice for trans* people, questioning people, and allies. Additionally, students were welcomed to wear a ribbon for Trans Day of Remembrance. 

    Trans Day of Remembrance
    On this day, we remember and honor transgender people around the world whose lives have been lost to anti-transgender violence.

    Past Events:

    View photos of previous Pride Month events here.

  • Womxn’s Herstory Month Events

    2018-19 Events: 

    Becoming SHEroes: Womxn and the Important Role They Play in Society
    Join us for the opening reception of Womxn’s Herstory Month! Our keynote speaker is Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal who serves as the Chair of the Committee on Women. 

    Women in Publishing
    During this one-day workshop, you will hear from women leaders across the publishing industry. They will share their experiences in this fast-paced and rapidly changing field. In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the day will provide numerous opportunities for informal conversation and networking.

    Becoming Visible: International Womxn’s Day
    Join Student Development and Activities and the Cultural Peer Mentors as we celebrate incredible womxn all over the world for International Womxn’s Day. Visit our table in the Hewitt Gallery and wear purple for the day in solidarity!

    We will be raffling off a book, a tote bag, and a mug to students who visit our table and learn more about International Womxn’s Day!

    Becoming A Boss: Womxn, Wages, and Work
    From the concrete wall, to the glass ceiling, to the labyrinth… This will be a program that talks about women in the workplace. We will focus on some of the intricacies of the current state of inequity along the gender binary, while learning how to ask for a raise, like a boss! Specifically, come learn what MMC students can expect once they graduate, how they can better negotiate salaries before accepting a position, and so much more!

    Becoming Mothers
    Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Jacqueline Leon ’22, focusing on mothering and motherhood. Panelists include MMC faculty members Dr. Nava Silton, Dr. Laura Tropp, and Gunjali Trikha, MBA, and MMC staff Kanny Rodriguez.

    Becoming Her: Womxn Empowerment Lunch
    Join us for the closing luncheon moderated by Ta’Lor Mosley ’21, focusing on how womxn can empower each other. Panelists include President Kerry Walk, Professor Lorraine Martinez-Novoa, and Regional Director Dayana Bernavil.

    Past Events: 

    Screening of Seeing Allred
    The Office of Student Development and Activities held a documentary screening of Seeing Allred which follows women’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred, as she takes on the biggest names in American culture as coverage of sexual assault allegations become more prevalent in the media.

    Reading Hour - Books by Women of Color
    Students enjoyed an hour of reading books authored by women of color. Books were also available to be taken home. 

    Show Me What Your Feminism Looks Like
    Each one of us - with women, men, and non-binary people joining forces - can be a leader within our own spheres of influence by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity.

    Women in Religion
    Muslim Student Association (MSA), Hillel, and Marymount Christian Fellowship (MCF), came together to discuss the unique experiences women have with religion. Women have always played an important and powerful role in religion, however many of us still view religion as an oppressive force used to keep women under control. This event was created to challenge that concept and show many ways in which women are empowered by their faiths.Topics of discussion ranged from inspirational women in different religions to challenging myths about religious practices that impact women. Some club members shared their experiences and encouraged other students/staff/faculty to share theirs as well.

    He Named Me Malala Documentary Screening 
    Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSOC) and Student Development and Activities (SDA) presented the documentary He Named Me Malala. This documentary showcases the life Malala Yousafzai.

    Women’s History Month Jeopardy
    In honor of Women’s History Month, SDA created Women’s History Jeopardy! Students tested their knowledge about the contributions women have made throughout history and maybe learned something new!

    The Color Purple 
    SGA and SDA a cosponsored this film screening in honor of Women’s History Month. This film, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Danny Glover, explores the experience of a black southern woman trying to find her identity after struggling years of abuse from her father and others. 

    In Honor of Women 
    Students were encouraged to wear purple; the official color of International Women’s month. Students could come and share a poem, story, film, photograph, or artwork that represented women empowerment. Students were able to write down what it meant to them to be a woman, create gender collages using provided art supplies, partake in a photo shoot,or/and also have the option to write a letter to any inspirational, influential or women role models. There was also a discussion on Women’s history. This event was open to all gender identities and was intentionally Trans* and Generqueer/gender non-conforming inclusive.


Read the College’s Inclusivity Statement here.