Leadership Development

We believe that every student can be a leader.

Student Development and Activities has created a full range of leadership development programs and opportunities for MMC students to realize their full leadership potential.  Here, students can take advantage of a number of structured leadership programming and get tailored training sessions to fit the needs of that program. Explore the various opportunities below for more information.


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Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program is designed specifically for first-year students interested in developing their skills in and understanding the fundamentals of good leadership practice.

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Leadership Scholars

Leadership Scholars are upper-class students who wish to take their leadership skills to the next level by participating in this intensive six-week experience. Workshops and sessions focus on developing an understanding of the self to better understand their capabilities as a leader.

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Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders (PLs) play a key role in helping to orient our incoming first-year students to the college community  by serving as mentors and guides during Welcome Week and as a teaching assistant for the required first-year courses during the fall semester. PLs receive intensive leadership training, an opportunity to network with faculty and staff, and are compensation for their work.

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RSO Officers

All student organizations at Marymount are completely student-run. As an officer of a student group, students will be provided an annual training on best practices, as well as the opportunity to further their own development as an RSO officer through trainings by request.

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Student Development and Activities hosts one student leadership retreat each semester: the Leadership Immersion Weekend in the fall.

Leadership Immersion Weekend

Participating students are able to apply for a two-day, one-night adventure at Camp Mason in Hardwick, NJ. With the Student Development and Activities team, students explore what it means to be a leader by exploring their skills and the skills of those around them through discussions, workshops, and challenging outdoor activities hosted by the staff at Camp Mason.

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Various leadership-based scholarships are available to students through our office by their successful participation and completion of a number of our leadership programs.

Additionally, we host the Student Leadership Awards at the end of each spring semester to acknowledge the hard work and dedication our student leaders put into their work.

Leadership Scholarships

First-year students interested in the Gladys Brooks Scholarship must successfully complete the Emerging Leaders program.

Returning students interested in the Theresa Lang Endowed Scholarship must successfully complete the Leadership Scholars program.

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Student Leadership Awards

The academic year culminates in a formal awards ceremony to honor all the student leaders and award nominees and winners on their achievements over the course of the past two semesters. Students, programs, and organizations are nominated by members of the MMC community for over 15 different awards.

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