Social Justice Ambassador Program

The Office of Student Development and Activities will be sponsoring a program focused on social justice education. In its second year, the Social Justice Ambassador Program is a five- session program that invites participants from different backgrounds and experiences to come together to explore issues of social justice.

The Social Justice Ambassador Program aims to assess some of the ways societal structures perpetuates privilege and oppression through institutions and individuals. The format of the program will be weekly meetings and consist of group discussions, interactive activities, presentations, and reflections. At the end of the program, ambassadors will be required to present in groups at the Social Justice Talk Back on what they have learned from the Social Justice Ambassador program.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Social Justice Ambassador program, Social Justice Ambassadors will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of social injustices and inequities;
  • Raise awareness of and have the ability to explore aspects of their own identity, culture, biases, etc.;
  • Develop skills to respond to statements or acts of bias in a way that invites dialogue rather than debate or arguments; and
  • Start to develop common concepts and language to meaningfully participate in conversations around identity and justice.

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