Spring Orientation

Students joining MMC in Spring 2021 will experience a virtual Orientation on Friday, January 29, 2021. Participation in Spring Orientation is mandatory.

There are a several compulsory sessions for you to attend, which will be noted on your schedule. Additionally, there will be some optional activities, which you can choose to add to your schedule if you would like to attend them!

The purpose of Spring Orientation is to welcome you to MMC; through virtual workshops and an excursion off-campus, you will have the opportunity to learn more about our College and New York City and to foster relationships and connections with your peers.

Coming to college is a huge transition, and we hope Spring Orientation will kick off your collegiate journey with fun and meaningful activities to alleviate potential anxiety and make you feel connected and welcomed here at MMC. Be sure to participate in the Virtual lunch with Student Leaders and the Virtual Game Night to really start getting to know your peers! 

Download our first-ever MMC app, MMC Engage, and register for the Welcome and Virtual Lunch sessions.

Additional Questions?

Contact the Office of Student Development and Activities at (212) 774-0788 or email