Admitted Students – Make Your Deposit Today!

Congratulations to all our Fall 2024 admitted students! We can’t wait to welcome you to NYC this fall. Be sure to make your deposit today to secure your spot.

Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success (OSS) focuses on holistic student care across the student lifecycle. We recognize that every student’s definition of success may vary, and the OSS helps students navigate campus resources in order to realize their own visions for achievement. Whether the obstacle is an academic challenge, financial strain, or a need to connect to new friends, OSS is there to make each student’s path a smoother one.

OSS houses MMC LINK, a high-touch student success program oriented toward students’ overall well-being and success from their transition to college through graduation. Founded on the pillars of Leadership, Innovation, Networking and Knowledge, LINK celebrates student victories, provides guidance to ensure peak student performance, and provides students in need a listening ear. LINK provides first-year students with information about:

College Resources – MMC provides an array of resources which can be tailored towards a specific student need. If a student is struggling in a course or needs assistance with understanding their bill, OSS can limit their search by connecting them directly to the resource which will assist with the particular obstacle.

Academic Success – A new sense of independence also means working on skills such as time management and study skills to aid in classroom success. The OSS provides first-year students with information on how to get prepared for exams, papers and creating a good balance between academic and social life.

Health and Wellness – Balancing academic success, a social life, and “adulting” can be taxing not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Our health and wellness session provides students with tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety and achieve resiliency.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – MMC helps students to develop awareness of their own cultural viewpoints and a shared literacy on matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion. OSS also connects students to MMC resources for equity, including Pell, TAP, and SEOG grants; the Title IX Coordinator; the Higher Education Opportunity Program; the First Gen at MMC initiative; Griffy’s Grocery; Career Closet; the International Student Coordinator; and the Intercultural Center.