MMC’s Fall 2020 Restart Plan

Although the global pandemic continues to present significant challenges to each of us, the MMC family remains strong in spirit, our bonds to each other strengthened by adversity, and our commitment to our educational mission more deeply felt than ever before.

Given new developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adopted a Virtual Classes/Open Campus model in which all classes* will be offered in an online format on MMC’s enhanced Virtual Campus. Our physical campus—both our Upper East Side buildings and two residence halls—will be open for in-person use (subject to, and in accordance with, the guidance and directives of government and public health officials).

We believe this model will provide the safety, flexibility, and community that have been our guiding principles throughout the development of the Fall 2020 Restart Plan. Whether students are near or far, their MMC education will be dynamic, engaging, and personalized.

Need more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or as a PDF document here. Please be sure to continue visiting these pages, as they will be consistently updated as information and plans evolve.

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* One course section will have an in-person component for international students whose visas require such. Please contact Kean Hawker at for more information. In addition, some science lab courses will have an in-person option. See the Course Bulletin for more information.