Community Memo 1.27.2017

Members of the MMC Community:

As the spring semester begins, we want to update you on the progress of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC). First, we have a number of new committee members who joined the group this January. Given the critical relationship between Institutional Strategic Planning and Enrollment Planning, it seemed wise to invite key members of the College involved in enrollment planning to join the committee. We were very happy that Maria DeInnocentiis (Assistant Vice President of Financial & Registration Services, and Executive Director of Center for Student Services), Jim Rogers (Dean of Admission), and Michael Salmon (Dean of Academic Advisement & Student Retention) accepted our invitation. They jumped right into the work this January and we are very happy to have their expertise at the table.

In addition, we have one new student member: Angela Lanaris (MMC class of 2018). Unfortunately, due to spring class conflicts Taylor Harris-Butler had to step off the committee. We thank her for all the work she did this fall and January, and welcome Angela to the committee.

This January the SPSC worked rigorously to review and synthesize all of your feedback on the emerging priorities list we circulated in December. We had two half-day retreats in early January, after which members were tasked with developing action plans around key items in order to assess their impact on budget, campus climate, student satisfaction, and enrollment. This week we reconvened to review those action plans, prioritize initiatives, and determine our next steps in drafting the plan. We made a great deal of progress this month and we want to thank every member of the committee for their tireless dedication and effort.

We are currently writing the first draft of the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan and will circulate that document to the entire community no later than Monday, February 6th. This will be a preliminary draft and we invite your feedback at this critical stage. To facilitate that, we are holding two community conversations to give you opportunities to share your feedback and hear from others. These community conversations are scheduled for Tuesday, February 7th from 1:00-2:20pm and Thursday, February 9th from 5:00-6:00pm. Both will be held in the Regina Peruggi Room. Full-time faculty members will also have the chance to discuss the draft and offer the committee feedback at the Faculty Council meeting scheduled for Monday, February 13th. We will provide anonymous ways to offer feedback at each of these meetings. You should also feel free to email your comments to any member of the SPSC. The full committee membership is listed below.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and integrating it into the next draft of the plan, which we will circulate in early March. We will then circulate the final plan in early April. You can always look at the SPSC webpage to review this timeline and see other information related to our work (including pictures):

We hope you each have a good start to the spring semester. All our best.

Katie and Jill

Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC)

Katie LeBesco, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty (Co-Chair)

Jill Stevenson, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and President of the Faculty Council (Co-Chair)

Ann Aguanno, Professor of Biology

Jennifer Brown, Associate Professor of English and World Literatures and Chair of the English and World Literatures Department

Maria DeInnocentiis, Assistant Vice President of Financial & Registration Services, and Executive Director of Center for Student Services

Alexis Garcia, MMC class of 2018

Christine Gregory, Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Diversity, and Title IX

Taylor Harris-Butler, MMC class of 2018

Andreas Hernandez, Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of International Studies

Ann Jablon, Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Carol Jackson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Angela Lanaris, MMC class of 2018

Nancy Lushington, Assistant Professor of Dance

Jim Rogers, Dean of Admission

Michael G. Salmon, Dean of Academic Advisement & Student Retention

Richard Sheldon, Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration

Erica Stein, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Arts

Diana Zambrotta, Director of Auxiliary and Real Estate Services

Community Memo 10-3-2016

Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC)
Community Memo: 3 October 2016

Although we will post minutes from our weekly SPSC meetings, we will also update you periodically on our work and progress through community memos like this one. First, please visit the newly launched Strategic Planning page on MMC’s website ( The page contains information about the President’s charge to our committee and our 2016-2017 timeline, as well as information on previous strategic plans. It will also have a button where you can access these community memos and minutes from our meetings. Thanks to Karl Hinze for creating this page.

With the help of Carol Jackson and with student input, we have appointed two student members to the committee: Alexis Garcia (’18) and Taylor Harris-Butler (’18). Alexis is a Political Science major with minors in Psychology and International Studies. She is also a member of the Student Government Association. Taylor is pursuing a BFA in Acting and has also been involved in the Black and Latino Student Association (BLSA). We are very excited to welcome these two students as members of the SPSC. They will not only represent student perspectives, but also help us develop ways to gather feedback from students across the college.

As our timeline indicates, our committee will spend October undertaking research in order to inform our planning work. We will gather relevant data about MMC from internal sources, as well as research external institutions and models. We have divided ourselves into the following eight SPSC Working Groups:

We know there will be overlap among these groups, but also recognize that it is valuable for people to look at the same sets of data from different perspectives. Members of SPSC in these different groups will be reaching out to members of the community who can partner with them in these research efforts.

Curriculum differentiation and pedagogical innovation are key elements of our charge. To support that work, we have invited interested faculty to form or join short-term “Innovation Teams,” which will brainstorm programmatic innovation that builds on our strengths at MMC and differentiates us as an institution. This is both a general call, as well as a chance to rethink existing programs that struggle with enrollment. There will be an Innovation Team workshop this coming Wednesday, Oct 5th 1-2:20 in Main 610.

Of course, not every proposal that emerges from these Innovation Teams will be included in the final Strategic Plan. However, we believe short-term brainstorming in faculty groups will help us identify what initiatives have the most promise as far as innovating and differentiating an aspect of our curriculum in ways that draw upon our mission as an institution, use our existing resources, and maximize our location in NYC.

Finally, we will hold our first community-wide forum on the Strategic Planning process on Wednesday, October 26th from 1:00-2:20pm in Main 610. We will begin by discussing our research phase and sharing our findings. Then the majority of the time will be devoted to a workshop where you can offer us further input and feedback as we move to the next phase of our work in November. All members of the MMC community are invited to this open forum.

As we have said before, please feel free to ask any member of the SPSC for updates on our work or contact us with constructive feedback. We appreciate all input that will help us fulfill our charge.

Katie LeBesco and Jill Stevenson
Co-Chairs of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Community Memo 9-22-2016

Dear Community:

This year President Kerry Walk established a Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) to lead the college in a planning process and develop an Institutional Strategic Plan.

This committee includes the following faculty and staff members:

Two students will also be invited to join the committee.

The SPSC’s goal is to develop a plan that fulfills a charge set by President Walk. We have attached the complete charge here and will soon post it to an online platform where community members will also be able to access SPSC updates, reports, and minutes from our weekly meetings throughout the year. You will receive information about that platform in the coming week.

We have also attached a timeline of our work over the next nine months. Our goal is to develop a plan with input from all members of the MMC community. This means sharing our research findings with you in various public forums, gathering input from you in community workshops and through other means, and synthesizing this information into a set of clear recommendations that can serve as the foundation of the plan. Our goal is to circulate a full draft of the plan in early March so that there is time for feedback and revision before submitting the final draft to President Walk and the Board of Trustees for approval in early May.

This is an ambitious timeline and therefore we will rely on your participation to help us develop a plan that truly reflects our mission while also guiding the college into the future. In addition to holding community workshops and forums, over the next five weeks we will also be reaching out to existing committees and groups at the college for their help in gathering data and research.

Since a key element of our charge relates to curricular differentiation and pedagogical innovation, members of the SPSC are already reaching out to faculty who might be interested in researching and developing curricular proposals that address that goal. We hope that faculty will be excited to spend a short amount of time brainstorming and roughly outlining how they would innovate and differentiate an aspect of our curriculum in ways that draw upon our mission as an institution, use our existing resources, and maximize our location in NYC. You will receive more specific information from SPSC members soon.

The SPSC is committed to developing a plan that values all members of MMC’s community. Therefore, as we move ahead, our work will be guided by a commitment to transparent communication. Over the coming months, please feel free to talk to any member of the committee about our work or to offer feedback. And thank you in advance for your contributions to this important institutional process.

Katie LeBesco and Jill Stevenson
Co-Chairs of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

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