Textbook Resources

Dear Students,

A complaint of many college students across the country, including MMC students, is the high cost of textbooks. We would like to assist you in reducing the cost of your textbooks. MMC faculty members are asked to post, as soon as possible, the books they will be using each semester. You can find current listings on the MMC website by accessing the Course Bulletin for the current or upcoming semester: 

Textbook Listings

If you don’t find your books listed yet, check back soon for updates.

By providing you with the list of the books for each of your courses, you are in a position to pursue any one of a variety of options. Of course, you can go to the local bookstore, Shakespeare and Co. at 939 Lexington Avenue, between 68th and 69th Streets (212-570-0201) to purchase new or used editions of your textbooks. 

Other more affordable options include:

Rent Books:,, and are several of the many sites which offer you the opportunity to rent and then return your textbooks. Be sure to compare prices, shipping costs, and rental policies, including note-making and highlighting rules. Check out Consumer Affairs’ textbook rental guide to help compare between rental companies and to read verified reviews from past and current students.

Buy Used Books: and offer cheaper options for purchasing textbooks.

Free Books:
 Check the MMC Library to see if there is a copy of the textbook you need on reserve. Check out Google Books for scanned textbooks; allows some free downloads to computers and other electronic devices. 

Digital Textbooks: If you don’t mind reading your textbook online, and if your faculty member agrees, e-textbooks sell for about half of the retail price of the printed edition. Check out and

Learn about “open-source” textbooks and all sorts of other textbook options at the Student Public Interest Research Group website. 

We wish you all the best for the upcoming semester!

Sharon Meagher, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

Carol L. Jackson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students