United Nations for Young Global Emerging Leaders 

Summer 2021 program

Join MMC, the United Nations, and young global emerging leaders for a virtual experience in international dialogue.

Program Dates

July 6-9, 2021

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Virtual Program Description

Summer Academy United Nations Program

This online program will connect young global emerging leaders (ages 16-19) with the United Nations (UN) system over a four-day period.

We will engage with high-level officials from UN organizations, Country Missions, and NGO’s to develop a complex understanding of the practice, history, and theory of the UN and to build key leadership capacities

The program seeks to bring together young people from each continent to develop a lasting network of future leaders. We believe this network has the potential be a powerful support for young people as they begin to study, and act in, social, political, economic, and environmental issues.

The UN is built on the five principles of Peace and Security, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Aid, and International Law. We will begin our exploration on how the organization works with these issues through an online tour of the UN-led by the Global Communications Department. We will then move swiftly to speak with a diverse set of effective actors within the UN system. Spread throughout the four days, we will have three capacity building sessions, led by UN actors, to develop skills in conflict mediation, fundraising, and policy writing. On the final day, we will undertake a United Nations simulation.

This program will be led by Professor Andreas Hernandez, Ph.D., Director of MMC’s United Nations Program and former Chair of the Department of International Studies. We will also be joined by Dr. Amit Bhattacharyya, a retired senior official of the UN Secretariat, who brings diverse experiences as a UN practitioner in over 20 countries as well as the NYC headquarters.


This program seeks a diverse group of young leaders who will learn from each other. To this end, we offer a tiered fee system to promote geographic diversity.

North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, China $300.00
The remaining 169 Countries of the United Nation System* $50.00

*If you are enthusiastic about participating but are not able to meet these costs, please reach out to Professor Hernandez at



  1. Complete Marymount Manhattan Summer Academy Application.
  2. Submit Marymount Manhattan Summer Academy Program Recommendation Form from a high school teacher.
  3. Write a Statement of Purpose: In one or two pages, please describe what you hope to achieve during the Summer Academy United Nations Intensive and what has prepared you for this experience. Please email your statement of purpose to

Questions about the program can be directed to Professor Andreas Hernandez ( )

Meet the Director and Faculty

  • Andreas Hernandez
    United Nations Program Director

    Dr. Andreas Hernandez is Chair of the Department of International Studies at Marymount Manhattan College. His current research and practice is with social movements in Brazil and Senegal that are creating new possibilities for young people to stay on the land – and not be forced to emigrate to Europe or North America. Dr. Hernandez uses film as a development practice, and his most recent work, Soil, Struggle and Justice, won festival awards and has been used widely by organizations such as the UNDP and the FAO. Dr. Hernandez has a background in music and social work and holds a Doctorate in Development Sociology from Cornell University. Read more.

  • Amit Bhattacharyya
    Summer 2021 United Nations Faculty

    Professor Amit Bhattacharyya holds a Ph.D. in Population Economics from Brown University and has extensive research and teaching experience in many countries of the world. He has worked professionally in the United Nations most of his adult life and has written many books and articles. He is fully conversant with the United Nations, its history, culture, and its role in the world. He has retired from the UN and is currently a visiting fellow at Marymount Manhattan College. Read more.