Frequently Asked Questions

What type of school is Marymount Manhattan College?

The Mission of Marymount Manhattan College
Marymount Manhattan College is an urban independent liberal arts college. The mission of the college is to educate a socially and economically diverse population by fostering intellectual achievement and personal growth and by providing opportunities for career development. Inherent in this mission is the intent to develop an awareness of social, political, cultural and ethical issues, in the belief that this awareness will lead to concern for, participation in, and improvement of society. To accomplish this mission, the College offers a strong program in the arts and sciences for students of all ages, as well as substantial pre-professional preparation. Central to these efforts is the particular attention given to the individual student. Marymount Manhattan College seeks to be a resource and learning center for the metropolitan community.

History of Marymount Manhattan College
Marymount Manhattan College was founded in 1936 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary as a two-year women’s college and a New York City extension of Marymount College, Tarrytown in Tarrytown, New York. In 1948 the College moved to its present location on 71st Street and became a four-year bachelor degree-granting college; the first class graduated from MMC in 1950. In 1961 MMC was granted an absolute charter as an independent four-year college by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.

Faithful to the vision of its founders, Marymount Manhattan has a long history of reaching out to diverse populations in need of higher education. Originally the College served women, many of whom were commuting students of traditional college age. Over the years, Marymount Manhattan’s mission as an urban, independent, coeducational nonsectarian liberal college college has expanded to include a greater variety of students, including men, nontraditional students, and students from a variety of ethnic and geographic backgrounds.


Where is Marymount Manhattan College located? What is the neighborhood like?

Marymount Manhattan College is located on the Upper East Side, one of the nicest and safest neighborhoods of Manhattan, with the local streets lined with beautiful brownstone homes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, convenient shopping and many of the city’s best restaurants are also close to the College. Central Park, a great place to jog, relax, or people-watch, is a short walk away.

New York City is comprised of five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. When people speak of “New York” they mean Manhattan. In Manhattan you will find all of the exciting placing that visitors flock to the city to see – Times Square, Broadway theaters, The Empire State Building, the great shopping and dining areas and much, much more.


Is tuition different between in-state and out-of state residents? How much does Marymount Manhattan cost?

No. As a private institution, Marymount Manhattan College offers the same rate for tuition and fees to all students. Please see Tuition and Fees.


Will I be issued a student identification card?

Yes. Students are expected to present their identification cards when entering the college and Residence Halls. Your ID will be issued during the move in process.


Is the student housing safe?

The building has 24 hour security.


How do I get around New York? Should I bring my car?

The best way to get around New York is to do as the natives do! Take mass transportation and walk! There is no convenient on-the-street parking and renting garage space in Manhattan is very expensive. The streets and sidewalks of the city are very crowded so we do not recommend that you bring a bike.

55th Street Residence Hall is close to everything! Located just 16 short blocks from MMC, it is a quick walk to campus. You can also take a bus to and from school if you need a few more minutes to study.  55th Street is also just steps away from the 4/5/6/N/Q/R/E/M subway lines so the whole city is accessible with just an easy swipe of the Metrocard.  Further information on the NYC Transit System can be obtained at Taxis, trains, and walking are also options.


Do I need to bring my own laptop? What types of computer/internet connections are available at the college and in the student housing?

You will be given permission to access the college’s network after you receive your student identification card. There are college computers available in the library and at various other locations. If you bring your own laptop to the college you will be able to access the college’s network through wireless or plug-in, depending on the location.

Please read our Computer Network Policy.
Technical Requirements: If you already have a computer, it must meet these requirements:

For Intel based Units:
Processor: 1.0 GHz or better
RAM: 256MB or better
OS: Windows XP or VISTA )
Hard Drive: 20GB or better
Network Card: Internal
Should support 802.11b/g
Software: Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition
(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
MacAfee or Symantec AV
Pest Patrol or Panicware
IE 6.0 or better
For Macintosh:
Processor: 1.0 GHz or better
Hard Drive: 30GB or better
Network Card: Internal
Airport Extreme Card
Software: Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition
MacAfee AV


How can I get a transcript sent to my college/university after I finish my courses at Marymount Manhattan?

In order to obtain academic transcripts from Marymount Manhattan College, students must complete a Transcript Request Form. The form contains information necessary to locate a student’s record at the College. It must be filled out in its entirety and must be signed by the student.

Students have three transcript choices:

  • Official copy sealed to another institution. The student must provide an address of the institution where the official transcript must be sent. Transcripts will be mailed directly from the Center for Student Services to the address supplied.
  • Official copy sealed to student. The student will be presented with an official transcript in a sealed envelope, which they may present to another institution personally. If the transcript is opened by the student, it is invalidated and therefore cannot be deemed a true official copy.
  • Student copy. Student copies of transcripts are unofficial and can be used for general purposes.

All transcripts will be processed within two business days and sent by regular U.S. Postal Mail. The processing fee for all transcripts is $10.00. The fee is payable by personal check, money order, or certified check. Cash or credit card payments will be accepted only when paying on campus.

Transcripts indicate the courses and grades obtained at Marymount Manhattan College. If a student transfers to MMC from other institutions, the transcript will reflect only the number of transfer credits received from each institution. It does not include any course or grade information from other schools.

Transcripts will be withheld if the student requesting has any holds assigned to his or her account.

Transcripts cannot be faxed or sent by any other electronic means.

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