Non-Credit Intensive Programs For Adult Learners

Marymount Manhattan College will offer a series of non-credit Intensive Workshops In Communication Arts and Theatre Arts that are open to students, alumni and others. These workshops are short-term, immersive experiences that will provide you with the opportunity to develop additional skills and allow you to network with Marymount students, peers, faculty and others. Intensive courses are not available for audit.

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Intensives in Communication and Media Arts

Sitcom Express
Course:              COMM INT WK1
Program Dates: 5/30/17-6/8/17, 
Meeting Days:   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Meeting Times: 5:30pm-8:30pm
Program Cost:   $780
Program Description:

Got a great idea for a new sitcom? This course will teach you how to turn your original concept into a pilot script, and how to plan the future of your series. Over six evening sessions you’ll hone your ideas, flesh out your characters, and then outline and write your initial episode. The first sessions will cover the basics of series construction, and then we’ll workshop sitcom premises and character sets. In later sessions, you’ll begin creating your pilot by planning story lines and crafting a scene-by-scene breakdown that you’ll expand into the script for your pilot episode. We’ll spend our final sessions revising the finished scripts and establishing a narrative arc for the rest of the first season of your series.


Web TV Series Express
Course:                COMM INT WK2
Program Dates:   7/10/17-7/20/17
Meeting Days:     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Meeting Times:   5:30pm-8:30pm
Program Cost:     $780
Program Description:

Have you ever thought about creating your own TV show but don’t know where to start?  In this two week intensive course, you will obtain the skills necessary to plan a web-based television series.  Over six evening sessions you’ll write and refine your scripts as well as work through the steps of pre-production.  These short form scripts will be tailored to the particulars of online content delivery.  In the early sessions, we will identify platforms to stream your series, as well as look at ways to optimize search engine results.  In later sessions, we’ll hone your ideas by focusing on topics such as genre, character development, and production design.  The final sessions will have you plan shot lists, workshop drafts, and conduct table reads.  Once you have completed this intensive course, you will be ready to start production on your own web TV series.


Intensives in Theatre

Lucid Body Basics Intensive
Course:                THTR INT WK1
Program Dates:   5/22/17 - 5/26/17
Meeting Days:     Monday - Friday
Meeting Times:   Noon-3:00pm
Program Cost:    $275.00
Instructor:           Antonio Suarez and Katherine Willis
Program Description:

Bridging the gap between movement and acting, the Lucid Body Technique is a physical process that offers actors an alternative way of thinking about character embodiment. Using concepts of yoga, improv, modern dance, and Jungian psychology, this intensive will cover Lucid Body’s fundamental physical language and awareness tools geared toward increasing the student’s versatility and range of character choices. By first looking at the emotional and physical habits that limit the student, the group will then learn vigorous physical exercises designed to open their potential for full-body transformation into character, increase their dexterity to play far beyond type, and create dynamic scene work. Once learned, this process provides repeatable tools for developing ease in taking direction, and adjusting to different mediums: stage, film, and television. “My hope is that by stepping into the Lucid Body journey, you will understand that which feels most ugly, most forbidden and painful, most achingly beautiful and fragile are the parts of you that need to act.” (Fay Simpson, The Lucid Body: A Guide for the Physical Actor)

Viewpoints Intensive
Course:                THTR INT WK2
Program Dates:   6/5/17 - 6/9/17
Meeting Days:     Monday to Friday
Meeting Times:   7:00pm-10:00pm
Program Cost:    $275
Instructor:           Ellen Orenstein
Program Description:

The Viewpoints is an improvisational technique, which allows a group of actors to function together spontaneously and intuitively and to generate bold, theatrical work quickly. This technique increases flexibility, articulation, and strength in movement and speaking, and makes ensemble playing readily available and possible. This one-week intensive will focus on and develop the nine Viewpoints, including the creation of group and solo improvisations and compositions. Note: You may elect to take both the Viewpoints and Ckekhov Intensives for a combined cost of $525.00. Course Code is THTR INT WK6

Stage Combat Certification Intensive
Course:                THTR INT WK3
Program Dates:   6/5/17 - 6/22/17
Meeting Days:     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Meeting Times:   11:00am-1:30pm
Program Cost:    $450
Instructor:           Dan O’Driscoll
Program Description:

Ever get slapped onstage?  Thrown a punch in a show?  Had to fall down repeatedly in a production?  Didn’t feel safe or confident doing it?  Or, just want to improve your fight skills?  Learn how to perform stage violence safely and effectively with a teacher/fight choreographer with over 20 years of experience on Broadway, Off-Broadway and in regional theaters. This 30 hour intensive course trains the actor in the basic stage combat techniques of unarmed combat utilizing the principles of the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD). Participants will learn stage slaps, punches, kicks, falls, rolls and other required stage techniques necessary to execute physical violence safely and effectively for the stage. The course culminates in a Skills Proficiency Test (SPT) in which participants will perform a choreographed fight scene adjudicated by a SAFD Fight Master. Passing the test awards the student a SAFD Certificate of Basic Proficiency In Unarmed Technique. There will be an additional $50 test fee for any student who elects to take the certification test, payable in June.


Activating Shakespeare’s Text Intensive
Course:                THTR INT WK4
Program Dates:   6/5/17 - 6/22/17
Meeting Days:     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Meeting Times:   2:30pm-5:30pm
Program Cost:    $400
Instructor:         John Basil
Program Description:

This intensive is an introduction to William Shakespeare’s first folio, employing methods that Shakespeare and his company utilized. Actors will learn how to uncover the character’s physical life from the language and this gutsy, visceral way to analyze Shakespeare’s language teaches actors how to use the script as a “blueprint.”  Each actor will explore at least two scenes and two monologues. Prerequisite is Acting I (THTR 212) or equivalent by permission of instructor.


Ckekhov Intensive
Course:                THTR INT WK5
Program Dates:   6/12/17 - 6/29/17
Meeting Days:     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Meeting Times:   7:00pm-10:00pm
Program Cost:    $400
Instructor:           Ellen Orenstein 
Program Description:

Relying on the physical technique of the Viewpoints and the psychological analyses of Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov, we will explore the intersection of external physical behaviors and internal action and psychology.  This three-week intensive will focus on and develop scenes from four major plays by Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, and The Three Sisters. Prerequisite: the Viewpoints Intensive, or with previous Viewpoints experience by permission from instructor. Note: You may elect to take both the Viewpoints and Ckekhov Intensives for a combined cost of $525.00. Course Code is THTR INT WK6